Best Gaming Mouse Under 25€ 2014

The speed of a click can save your life (in the game), we discover together the best mouse gaming for every need and budget.

Continue the categories of TopBestBox regard to suggestions for your configurations, together we seek the best mouse gaming for your hands, you must ensure the best comfort in dealing with the long gaming sessions in front of the PC.

Subdivide the choices by price, we will propose several pieces from different manufacturers and we will highlight the pros and cons for each device.

We specify that the division into groups is a monetary Ecluse, remember that it is always said that spending the maximum amount we could get better results , there are those who may have difficulty using a mouse with more than 6 keys and who feels limited with 10 or who sees no need for a mouse soffisticato give the best of themselves.

After a trip to my home gaming (Japan) inside a famous electronics chain was present area dedicated to gaming peripherals for the PC. Logitech (Logicool in Rising Sun) and Razer were the most popular and still remain stable for the time being at the top of our rankings. Further felling negative I have left the RAT which although highly customizable I personally gave that feeling that you can expect from the parent device for gaming.

Best Gaming Mouse Under 25€ 2014 

Trust Gxt23
mouse - Trust Gxt23

Price:  22,99 €  On offer on at € 22.98 
From eBay Trust Gxt23 Mobile Gaming Mouse .. at 27 €

This lightweight mouse is the cheapest in this range, it is very light and has a high capacity DPI but not all of these characteristics make it very palatable.

Lightweight, proprietary software to the DPI settings up to 3200, BlueSpot technology (light blue) that promises a good usability on all surfaces.

Materials of low quality and unreliability leave us very perplexed about the actual quality of the same, I honestly think that in this price range you can choose another.

Perixx MX 1000
Price: € 22.34 on

Best gaming mouse - Perixx MX-1000
A style certainly different from all the other features makes it good and in our opinion one of the most interesting in this category

4 colored LEDs that change according to the number of IPR (maximum 2000), 7 programmable keys

Optical sensor (not laser) and the LED lit continuously, after a long session of play tend to overheat the mouse slightly.

CM Storm Xornet
Price:  19,99 €   ?  On offer on at € 17.80 from eBay: at € 21.89

Best Gaming Mouse - CM Storm-xornet
CoolerMaster is a guarantee for good products at low prices, good mouse turn up their noses only lefties.

2000 DPI, handle "claw-grip" excellent for those who fully grasps the mouse area "rest" for the little finger, good length of cable

Only right-handed, so not suitable for small hands to those who have medium / large, only 3 preset DPI (between 500 - 1000 to 2000)

Roccat LUA
Price:  29,99 €   ?  On offer on at € 25.85 from eBay: Gaming Mouse for .. 25.5 €

Best Mouse - Roccat LUA
Good mouse at a reasonable price, complete and simple 

Arctic blue LED under the symbol Roccat, 7 DPI settings (250-2000), proprietary software for settings, V-shape for comfortable left-handed and right-handed.

Only 3 buttons mouse then maybe un'po very basic too.
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