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The 10 Most Expensive Food In The World

Zak Ben - Sunday, February 09, 2014
At a time when the global economic crisis bites and where tens of millions of people dying of hunger in the world, others no longer know how to spend their money over ...
Fortunately, some chefs of prestigious restaurants are there to help them, composing for them the most expensive food in the world!
If you are a gourmet packed short of inspiration, here are some ideas to try :-)

The 10 Most Expensive Food In The World

1. the world's most expensive Curry: 2,200 €

The "Samundri Khazana Curry" of "Bombay Brasserie in London is a fish dish accompanied with curry crab, caviar, lobsters (whose shell is edible gold plated), white truffle, Morels and rice flavored with saffron. A simple dish so!!!

2. The world's most expensive pizza: 700 €

The world's most expensive pizza ($ 1,000) you will find from "Nino's Bellissima Pizza, a pizzeria in New York. It consists of a base cream, 4 types of caviar, salmon ROE, lobster tails and different types of wasabi. The restaurant that sold a few a week, now sells only one or two per month ... because crisis (weird right?!?)

3. most expensive Hotdog: 50 €

The hot dog "Serendipity 3" in New York, measuring 30 centimetres. It is seasoned with grilled beef in white truffle oil, medallions of duck liver, Dijon mustard black truffles, Caramelized Vidalia Onions, black truffle, and homemade ketchup from a recipe of 1908. All in a bread imported from Germany.

4. The most expensive noodles soup: 240 €

In the small restaurant with 40 places "Niu Ba Ba" located in Taipei (Taiwan), you will find a bowl to 240 euros (or about NT $ 10,000). The chef has set the price after a survey done to local celebrities. This soup with beef imported from 4 different countries, is a mixture of six different soups, each distilled from a different part of the flesh.

5. the world's most expensive Omelet: 730 €

At the restaurant "norm" that is located in New York, the omelette "Zillion Dollar Frittata" costs $ 1000. It is scrambled eggs, lobster and 10 grams of sturgeon caviar. And here is the omelette!

6. The world's most expensive sandwich, "The Von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich": 110 €

To taste in the restaurant "The Cliveden in Berkshire (UK). It is a three-storey sandwich, containing the finest chicken, ham, quail eggs are firm and white truffle. This sandwich contains about 2,000 calories ...

7. most expensive cake in the world, "Sultan's Golden Cake": 730 €

Served at Istanbul's Ciragan Palace, the "Sultan's Golden Cake" is nothing short of a very special dessert! Its preparation requires 72 hours. It contains figs, quinces, pears and apricots soaked in Jamaican rum for 2 years. The coating is made of caramel, black truffles and, as you've probably noticed, gold leaf. To sum up, a common decent desserts.

8. the poached egg more expensive in the world: 72 €

If you go to restaurant "Tocqueville" in New York, you can enjoy a poached egg to 100 dollars, the fruit of an Araucana hen. The reason for this is found in the generous price of fresh truffles of Perigord.

9. Pasta more expensive in the world: 72 €

The "Macaroni and cheese" costa just 95$ Melissa restaurant in Santa Monica, California. The high price is also due this time with truffles: cream of truffles, truffle butter, truffle white ... The dish is served only from October to December, the white truffle season.

10. The world's most expensive dessert, "Fraises Arnaud": more than a million

The restaurant "Arnaud's Restaurant", located in New Orleans really tip much (too) high with his strawberries to 1.4 million. Still, nothing special to note in the preparation of these strawberries ... No magic ingredient, no truffles or caviar and even champagne. The reason for this is a ridiculously astronomic price diamond ring from 4.7 carats inserted into dessert.