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10 bastards who are getting on the train

Zak Ben - Thursday, March 20, 2014
Ten bastards who are always on the train. Catalogue human hatred on rails.

10 The talkative

On each train will be there for that one person .
No, not the controller. It is not even the driver. It is the talkative .

Needless to say, you recognize it as soon as you sit down and immediately after you've seated you begin to wonder why the bad luck of catching it always happens to you .
As long as you are assailed by a doubt:  Amtark want to see that it puts one in each car?

9 The senior ...

The elder " How old are you? " 
The old man " Even my nephew! "
The elder " Ehhh, in my day ... "
The elder " How if they invent now .. "

But the elders did not sleep easy ?

8 Who know everything

Variant of talkative, this subject differs from its capostpite did not speak beautifully of the f ** k her and her life, of which you do not give anything. 
sapientino The attack button with a series of historical and socio-political facts of any city ​​that the train crosses, even managing to multimillion RANDOM. 
Usually all it says is invented . But you do not have the strength to contradict him. And above all the desire .

7 The incontinent

Click "window-side" despite knowing of suffering from prostate and cystitis. 

Go to the bathroom every ten minutes and forces you to give up NAP programmed as an integral part of the journey. 

6 The anarchist

It's what he fotte the booking number you noted in his ticket and sits always where he wants, except that in his place.
Is what piazza baggage, the coat or any other object that moves around on the seats beside and not move them until they ask him specifically.
Is that who is convinced that the seat in front is his footstool. 

And is your place.

5 The mother of the family, with annoying offspring in tow

There is much talk of zero and birth then always happens to you on the train a mother with an indefinite number of children below.

At least one will escape control and destroy you with spirit and physical plant sustained and opportunity back.

I want to see how many in that situation are still able to say "beautiful kids"

4 The fake died

Which, in a State of apparent death, takes up the side aisle seat.
Nothing rouses him from his deep sleep ever from New York to philadelphia.

And every time you get up to go to the bathroom or even get off at your stop, will be like climbing K2.

3 That invades your space

Tallest basketball player or wider than a sumo wrestler, the square in front of you by placing his body parts in every free hole, including your nostrils. 

The variant is the splendid that sits next to you by dropping your elbow on the armrest that it fills in its own right being mounted by train before him. 

2 Pupils

The students obviously settles in the one usually quiet wagon (first or last), the day that you take the train on the fly and not realize what awaits ... 

I usually take the train immediately following the deleted, in order to generate an overcrowding by cattle wagon.

1 The African woman on the phone

Warning, no racism . Only a mere observation. 

Nobody knows what verta that conversation, even those at the other end of the phone. 
You will feel, for the whole trip, but something like "OUAGADAGA, MANULU MADICOBI CABILOMANI ABANA FANANA, SANAMABA the" to a volume that would trigger the seismographs.