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10 Strangest Objects that have been Autographed by Celebrities

Zak Ben - Tuesday, March 18, 2014
What are the most absurd autographed items of all time?!? Today, we propose 10: how do you get an autographed pair of underpants?!? Enjoy the show!

10 Strangest Objects that have been Autographed by Celebrities pictures

10. Toilet seat

Who would like to be autographing the ... toilet seat?!? Long ago, Sister Hazel autographed the bathroom University of Wingate, since they had to use the bathroom and wanted to be grateful! It 'was sold for about $ 60!

9. A child

Autographed ... the child is not as uncommon as it might seem! Here you can see the NBA player Nate Robinson autografarne one!

8. Shell boxing

A rugby player, Ben Cohen, a shell autographed boxing, but not the case: the association has done to support British health of homosexuals! It 'was sold for $ 460 well!

7. Diaper

You'd never autographed a diaper ...?!? A person "lucky" during the last Olympic Games, it was seen autographing a diaper from Olympic gold medals Noelle Pikus-Pace and Chad Hedrick!

6. Car dashboard

Dan Boyle, captain of the San Jose Sharks, the team known  American  ice hockey once autographed the dashboard of a fan, and we want to emphasize that it was very expensive car, an "Aston Martin or something like this, "as he said himself!

5. A sock

Mick Foley, professional wrestler known, became famous for having signed a large amount of socks, but he is apparently normal, because anyone who follows wrestling will remember that one of his typical moves is just to stick a sock in his mouth opponent!

4. A bagel

A bagel autographed is probably the secret dream of every one of us! How much would you be willing to offer on eBay for something?!? The autograph belonged to baseball player David Price, and was eventually sold for $ 56!

3. Vibrator

Charlie Hunnam, star of Sons of Anarchy, is so loved by women ... one of them has come to get him to sign a vibrator! And you know what he wrote? "Have fun," or "fun"!

2. Pants

Jim Palmer, a former great baseball player, he autographed a pair of pants, as you can see from the photos, which were sold on eBay last August, well for $ 69.99!

1. Prosthesis

Mark McGwire, one of the greatest champions of baseball of all time, once he found himself having to autograph ... the prosthetic leg of one of his fans!