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10 ways to keep thieves away from home

Zak Ben - Friday, March 21, 2014
Have you ever been the victim of theft?!? Tricks to Keep Thieves Away From Your Home. Here you are 10 tricks to avoid having unwanted visitors! Thieves are always there: beware! Enjoy the show!

Best 10 ways to keep thieves away from home

10. Changing habits and often times

Do not come back at the same time when you come back from school / work, because someone might notice and understand to get loose in your home during a certain time slot!

9. Pretend to be at home even when you are out

In times of absence, you would do well to find some useful strategies to make it appear that the house is still inhabited: let the flashy lights on, leave the stereo on ... you will find the best way!

8. Do not open the door to strangers

Look at the window who he is, or through the peephole of the door: you never know who you might submit, now thieves now know all the best techniques to hack into someone's home, then ... you're always on the alert!

7. Outsource your home to neighbors in case of absences for holidays

If you trust your neighbors, and you are in good standing, left to their house keys so they can live there in the days when you're not around, avoiding to allow thieves and the like to target your home!

6. Do not give personal information to anyone

Never talk too much: this is a basic rule, because we do not know if anyone is in possession of some of our information, this thing could ritorcercisi against, and we become vulnerable!

5. Do not rely on remote controls and / or automation systems

Are you really sure that you can trust these systems to remote control? They are easily manipulated by those with expertise, so you prevent use during periods of absence of the chains or anything else!

4. Deposit in the bank all cash and valuable

Do not keep anything valuable inside the house, always best to avoid: jewelry and cash deposited in the bank, and you will see that there will be nothing that thieves can steal!

3. Learn to ask for help

Do not make heroes: you will never know who will appear before you, what kind of weapon was that preparation martial might have, in that it is physical or mental condition! Life is one, while the money and items you refer buy back! Call the police, save emergency numbers and were always ready to use!

2. Cooperate with law enforcement

Have you seen anyone suspicious near your home? Do not hesitate: call the police immediately, and tell him everything! They will tell you how you'll have to lead! Do not be afraid, the police does just that!

1. Live their lives in peace

The most important thing, perhaps, is this: stay calm, always! Do you think it's worth having dozens and dozens of years in paranoia, afraid that someone might come at any moment, just for 15 minutes of theft?!? Follow our advice, and you will live a much quieter life!