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5 Most Shocking Truth About Unusual VIP

Zak Ben - Monday, March 17, 2014
What are the strangest delusions VIP?!? Today we propose a few, read them together: ENJOY!

Top 5 Most Shocking Truth About Unusual VIP

5. Robert Pattinson and diet cola

Did you know that Robert Pattinson is addicted to diet?!? He himself said that he came to drink as many as 300 cans of diet cola in a single week!

4. Ben Affleck and poker

Ben Affleck, well-known actor and film director, has literally set with poker: do you think he said that he came to spend up to $ 20,000 per well for poker night, and to play at least 4 nights a week!

3. Megan Fox and her shoes

There are many celebrities who spend their own money to continually expand their wardrobe, and one of them is Megan Fox, who can not do without her shoes! The well-known American actress said that the first thing you bought after you received your first payment for his work, is a pair of heels from $ 600!

2. Jesse Eisenberg

One of the quirks of the league's most beautiful: the famous actor Jesse Eisenberg does is adopt stray cats, when they met on the street! For him, now, has become more of a habit, and is unable to make their own without!

1. Cheryl Cole

You recognize it?!? The famous British singer, author of hits like "Fight for this love", is obsessed with carrot juice: well come to drink 8 glasses a day!