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Top 10 Best Comedy Series 2013 - 2014

Zak Ben - Friday, March 21, 2014
After seeing the Top 10 Drama TV Series Of 2013 - 2014 now, it's time to give you our rankings of the best (and worst) of 2013 2014 show tv series: let's start from the top ten comedy (and dramedy) aired on TV this year, according to the Our editorial staff.

Tomorrow we will post the ten disappointments of the year, while Monday the ten best drama series. 

Top 10 Best Comedy Series 2013 - 2014 You Must See

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When it comes to launching new comedy, the network generalists Americans are increasingly focusing more on quantity than on their quality of proposals. But in the midst of many sitcoms  use throw-away  there is always some product that stands out for its freshness and comic brio, and among them there is definitely Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The creators of Parks and Recreation, Daniel J. Goor and Michael Schur (their first and last appearance in this top 10), pack for Fox on the proven and successful formula of the workplace comedy, a new sitcom set in a police precinct. Already in the pilot, bubbly and fun, you can imagine the potential of this series, which has among its strengths a light-hearted humor and characters who know how to rip with their antics more than a laugh. All this is enhanced by a very close-knit cast, where features that face slapping Andy Samberg and charismatic Andre Braugher. A new feature to keep an eye on in 2014. For more information,  here  you will find our review of the midseason.

9. Parks and Recreation

In the world of television series, as we know, there are not many certainties. Even the most beautiful series can be transformed over time into an unspeakable filth, especially when it comes to comedy, or the serial products more susceptible to decline in quality. In the midst of the storm, however, there is always a safe haven for all lovers of the genre: Parks and Recreation. The creature Greg Daniels and Michael Schur after five years does not give the slightest sign of fatigue. On the other hand, in the universe of the tireless Leslie Knope there is always a way to turn the most adverse situations into extraordinary opportunity! The characters have grown, even Tom with his Rent a Swag, and we hardly noticed we did not, so the process was natural and well run, the series itself has evolved, while remaining perfectly coherent and above all hilarious, never a fall style. Not be excluded from this ranking and therefore not to reward, once again, the strength and surprising freshness.

8. The Crazy Ones

Robin Williams. It would be enough to point out his name as the star of the new CBS comedy to fully describe the ironic and bursting of The Crazy Ones. The series is the story of an advertising agency directed by Simon extravagant (in fact, Williams) and his daughter Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar), which represents the more rational side of the "family." With the help of excellent supporting cast, the series is often brilliant and irreverent, witty banter and the rapids. While not shining for extraordinary originality (some facts and situations give the feeling of already seen), the series is stitched right around the extraordinary talent of Robin Williams, a true force of nature that has the merit of including delicious - and not to exclude - who is in a scene with him. And this alone.

7. Hello Ladies

From a license plate HBO comedy you expect something more than the comedy of the other networks: Hello Ladies that something more has it. Set in a contemporary Los Angeles, the series chronicles the adventures of the lonely (by choice of others) Stuart struggling with numerous unsuccessful attempts to enter into the turns right, to get out of his almost pathological condition of  loser.  series oscillates between comedy and drama , making us laugh and think at the same time. Alongside the protagonist his almost roommate Jessica, Hello Ladies shows us two sides of the same coin: he, eternally single loser, want to become beautiful and impossible; her model-slash-actress, wants to free itself from the binomial beautiful and stupid, but changing will not be easy. A well-balanced sweet and sour mix of scenes are ridiculous and other depressingly bleak comedy has made ​​one of the best of this vintage television. The strength is Stuart, who resulting pathetic, funny unbeknownst to her, sad and funny, he manages to create a believable character fantozzi in its unreality and adorable in his being a perfect fool.

6. Enlightened

It was one of HBO's best new home, but the series created by Mike White, starring (almost) the absolute lynchana Laura Dern, is not something easily framed in the great expanse serial accomplice definitely a screenplay and a neurotic protagonist and constantly over the top. The point however is that the great merit of this story of redemption and return to the light is being (was now) much more than the sum of its parts. Its creator has attempted to tell a story yes, but above all to use this  tranche de vie  of collapse and rehabilitation of the protagonist to build a vision of the world, focusing on small units - Amy, but also Levi (Luke Wilson) and Tyler ( Mike White) and other quirky extras in the undergrowth of working Abaddon Industries - struggling with the hardships of life and the utopian desire to become an ant's production company. Two seasons dramedy (comedy rather than in an absolute sense) to recover completely - especially after the undeserved cancellation.

5. Derek

The school of British comedian does not need any introduction or examples to be remembered and Ricky Gervais is no doubt one of its illustrious exponent. Sarcastic, irreverent, hilarious and amoral, the English author, having marked the history of sitcoms with The Office, this year offers a product of rare originality, and Channel 4 is the perfect channel to join his comedy over the lines and narrative experimentation.  Derek  fact tells the everyday life of a psychiatric hospital in which the author also plays the lead role that gives the title to the series: Derek, middle-aged man from naive not very high intelligence, company makes a series freak who, in their relationships with humans officially defined as "healthy", will play easy to pillory the many oddities of the latter. Soundtrack to remember.

4. The Office US

2013 was a year that saw many come to the conclusion series: among them there is definitely The Office, the irreverent comedy of Ricky Gervais, despite the longevity, has succeeded once again to bring in TV successfully his comedy over the top. Few would have bet on maintaining a high level of quality as a result of the departure of the protagonist (and in fact the eighth season he suffered not a little such failure), but this last story arc was able to take full advantage of the potential of such extraordinary characters to prove, after nine seasons, our traveling companions. An incredible journey, which ended with a series finale that define is not perfect, in front of which it is impossible not to be moved and applaud to one of the most outstanding comedy of the decade. The Office Goodbye, we'll miss you.

3. Vicious

Take two large theater actors are openly gay, give them the roles of an old and withered English couple, the actors stolen from the masks of the Commedia dell'Arte and you'll Vicious. The British television series, in which the protagonists are Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi, is a little gem, unique in the world of comedy, a meeting halfway between the usual comedy and a theater stage on which the drama of deliberately theatrical two actors stood and overflowing. Also noteworthy are the comrades who, despite having declared a subordinate role, give vitality and energy to the series. For now aired the short - only 6 episodes - first season, but enough to make us fall in love with this quirky couple.

2. Girls

Comedy? Drama? Dramedy? Anxiety taxonomic must inevitably collided with the amplitude of a product that in two years by series newcomer has become a global phenomenon. After the first season ended with a lot of criticism, the next could not have ended differently, once you understand the provocative nature of the young author. Despite Lena Dunham does not look at anyone in telling their own stories, in the second season has been able to file the small flaws of the previous year and to show, with a look inside but at the same ruthless, his world. Girls hits this year, with very few flaws, a double target: on the one hand is proposed as a portrait of a generation, with a pessimism never quite stressed and on the other with its wealth of icons, symbols and cultural models, is an ideal for that same generation.

1. Orange Is The New Black

He won first place as the best comedy of the year, rookie weblog Netflix product. Based on the homonymous autobiography of Piper Kerman, 13 episodes of the series tells the story of a woman who, for a mistake made years earlier, is forced to abandon his middle-class life and spend the next 14 months in a prison to serve his penalty. The strength of this product lies in the chorus, which allows us to discover the life of the prison not only through the eyes of Piper, but also of all the women who live and animate the prison: each of them is distinct individuality, that emerges due to the unique ability of the series to stage constantly comedy and drama, alternately, and always surprising. Some defect in shape - a bit 'too goody-goody, especially in the flashback - a substance does not affect good, that will emerge fully in the already confirmed the second season, and that allows Orange Is The New Black to reach the first place already this year.