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Top 10 Breaking Bad posters minimalist style

Zak Ben - Thursday, March 06, 2014
Fans of the legendary series Breaking Bad don't seem willing to forget the adventures of their favorite "Heroes". Today we want to offer you the poster made by a Hungarian designer Zsot Molnar, who is amused to summarize the 62 episodes (which form the 5 seasons of the hit series), in posters.

The result is likely to please a lot to all fans, since the designer incorporates an important element of every episode, in a minimalist design. So, if you are nostalgic of the adventures of Walter White and his Assistant Jesse Pinkman, enjoy and share your favorite poster of this TOP.

PS. Please note that the designer has decided to sell these posters for the price of $ 20 each!

Top 10 Best Breaking Bad posters minimalist style Design 

Breaking Bad/S01E01/Pilot

Bad/S01E04-Cancer Man


Bad/S02E07/Negro Y Azul

Bad S02E08//Better Call Saul

Bad S03E03/I.F.T/.

Bad S03E05//More

Bad S03E13 Full Measure//

Bad/S04E07/Problem Dog