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Top 10 Drama TV Series Of 2013 - 2014

Zak Ben - Friday, March 21, 2014
After seeing the 10 best british series and Top 10 Best Vampire TV Series ever 1990 - 2014 we are finally at the most important: the 10 best drama of the year!

It 'was an extremely wealthy in 2013, and only having to select 10 series no easy feat however. Let's start with those who, for a while, do not have to get done in this ranking: Person of Interest (15 °), Game of Thrones (14th), The Fall (13 °) Black Mirror (12th) and Utopia (11 °).

Top Best 10 Popular drama TV series of 2013 2014

10. Broadchurch

There is a truth well-founded in the serial world in 2013 was reconfirmed forcefully with the British TV series we can do - perhaps even more than their wealthy American cousins. Every year, in fact, there are different overseas works of high quality - some are out of this top 10 list by a whisker - and Broadchurch is definitely one of them. Through a writing and directing a flawless series, with 8 episodes, takes us into a community torn apart by the murder of little Danny Latimer, with all that this entails: broken family, obsessive attention of the media, secrets that are afloat, thirst for summary justice, and of course the very difficult investigation. A yellow contemporary choral where the characters, beautifully delineated, are never what they seem and where the revelation of the offender will be a tremendous shock to everyone. 
Ah ... then there's David Tennant, so what are you waiting for? For more information, here you will find our review without spoilers.

9. House of Cards

The advent of mass production in the U.S. House of Cards, the first original production made available by Netflix, represents a new way of relating to the product serial because it allows the viewer to have the thirteen episodes that make up the series and to be able to take advantage will. The show is definitely one of the best innovations of the year and involves two personalities of great importance: the director David Fincher and the Hollywood star Kevin Spacey. Analysis of large thickness of the inner workings of American domestic politics and its power relations with journalism and new media, House of Cards is an entertainment product of rare brilliance, which makes use of both a rhythm and a tight multi-dimensional characters played by a very charismatic cast. Moreover, one can not bring out a modus operandi unprecedented in scope and serial featuring the show: the viewer is drawn into question by the protagonist of the series continuously via direct an interpellation, Kevin Spacey, looking systematically in the car, in fact ends up breaking repeatedly the likelihood of serial fiction.

8. The Killing

The third season of The Killing enters our top ten for several reasons: the impeccable acting, photography and writing at the highest levels that in some cases came close if not touched the masterpiece. But above all it is one of the 10 best series of 2013 because it is able to renew itself with great difficulty, setting aside the first two seasons without suffering the slightest: the two main characters were great actors and the plot was compelling and perfectly condensed into 13 episodes. Honorable Mention for the 3 × 10 Six Minutes and for the newcomer this season, Peter Sarsgaard, who was one of the best interpreters of the entire series and probably all over the television landscape this year. Mireille Enos always on the shields, both for its Sarah Linden is to have found a way to produce the fourth season, which will close permanently thriller one of the most successful in recent years.

7. Justified

Trigger-happy gunslingers and lovers of the one hat that never has to ask, weep and rejoice: the year in which leaves us Elmore Leonard, creator of the literary character of Raylan Givens, Justified realizes perhaps his best season, in the face of those who believed impossible to do better than the second. The series of Graham Yost has denied the skeptics idea to focus on a big plot is not bad, but a mystery to be solved, leading us like never before in the dry jungle of outlaws Harlan, including ghosts, hidden truths and dramas moral. So, after an already excellent premiere, a slow but steady crescendo (even the cry of "less Ava Winona and more for everyone!") Has led us to a second part of the season characterized by a gem after another. Enviable strength, a cast of actors and outstanding and regular dialogues that, after 4 years, we would say, have not yet equal in tv. Who could ask for more? A fifth season of the same level.

6. The Americans

Came from far and cold Russia, Elizabeth and Phillip are inserted perfectly into the world of the stars and stripes, and trying to change the mission after mission, in the end they too have changed. Just like its main characters, The Americans also is a product fully integrated into its serial space - that of the spy story - but able to revolutionize it from within, using the classic style of the genre and at the same time developing an innovative language. The evolution of the relationship between the two protagonists, a love story built around a table and yet so deeply true, it is carrier but never intrusive narrative, told with a sensitivity rare and unique, the real strength of this extraordinary first season . It may not be completely free of defects, but the first chapter of this new FX series, however, is more than promising and therefore a must for any seriofilo: if you have not already done so, run out to retrieve it, you will not regret!

5. The Good Wife

Immediately after the great series, those already consecrated in the universe of the best fiction in television, we find the fine creature and Mrs. King. The Good Wife is a product that has for too long had unfairly discount the awkward label of legal drama to structure proceedings to be broadcast on a more general channel. Over the years this product has not struggled to demonstrate that they have nothing to envy to other large series, redefining the concept of procedure and merging it with a horizontal structure by the lapels never dull. The fifth season is currently airing a step further confirms the quality, through an exceptional cast, by the protagonists to the guest, an obsessive attention to detail and auteur filmmaking, and a rare ability to read and interpret current events. We certainly have a product that will do before school in the television landscape: a great series between the major.

4. Boardwalk Empire

"The fourth season of Boardwalk Empire can be summed up with the word" chorus ". Never before this year, there have been many plots and protagonists, in a time when Nucky Thomspon has not been found in a leading role and has not had a big opponent in front of him, but only a large number of villain (Narcisse, Knox, J Edgar Hoover) to move around him. In a season of change and perhaps transient, which has left more space to look at the past, including regrets, hopes and melancholy (the storyline emblematic of Richard and Gillian, as well as the use of a large evocative jazz and exoticism the new set of Tampa), the set of Terrence Winter has been distinguished by a subtle game (and winning) of deception, blackmail and ars oratory. And, among the many pearls of a season "different" but equally successful, we like to recall a final episode that will remain among the most beautiful things of this in 2013 and beyond.

3. Sons of Anarchy

The guilt and pain. These are the two key words of the sixth, wonderful season of Sons of Anarchy. With the music of Leonard Cohen begins the penultimate season of the river narration by Kurt Sutter, words and notes that mark in the memory of guilt, responsibility, sin of a man who is one of the human race altogether. For the full year figures become extremely complex as a result of years of study, they walk a tightrope meeting - sometimes only tangentially, others openly - the tragedy, in the most radical that this term might have. Through the disguise of the motorcycle club series thinks about human behavior, a reflection on family and friendship rarely so acute that not surprisingly want to be a reinterpretation of the Western Canon par excellence: the characters are in fact all freely inspired by those of the tragedies of Shakespeare, from Hamlet to Lady Macbeth, Ophelia by Lear, Macbeth Othello. Kurt Sutter year is exceeded, confirming one of the greatest storytellers in the business, taking the audience along in a vale of tears through refined musical montages, on a journey into the pain that leaves no way anyone, not even to the viewer.

2. Mad Men

A gloomy season, painfully introspective, in which each character is completely different from one another, has been put in front of the drift of himself, a steep descent into the underworld of his own essence, that no pretext preserves force necessary for us to avoid being sucked into the black hole that is within each of us. Along the arc of the season, the journey through hell, Don as the other characters, but ends with the hope of being able to enjoy a new light: every suffering of purchasing value that is a necessary prerequisite to a future rebirth. The desire to enrich it with details as possible this unstoppable whirlwind of conflicting emotions generates an acceleration that makes the compositional structure of this season less cohesive than the previous year, without losing the poetic and evocative substrate that has become the trademark of of the product of Weiner.

1. Breaking Bad

The final of the first part of the fifth season had left us in suspense for a year, with so many expectations and no clue as to what would happen. The last eight episodes of Breaking Bad always have not only lived up to the promises, but have overcome them: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, along with all the other characters, they were able to hit us and hurt us not lose our humanity that has them distinguished, even at their worst. The parable of the two has come to an end in what was perhaps the only right way to close the most acclaimed series in recent years, because if it is true that all bad things must end and as to "how" to get there is always the most important part. Walter White and Heisenberg had a worthy conclusion: Breaking Bad gave the history of television one of the most tormented, complex and human that has ever been staged, leaving us with the certainty that Bryan Cranston will never be so perfect. 
For 'Last time we salute the series giving it its well-deserved first place.  For the last time, All Hail The King .