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Top 10 Predictions for 2014 made by Isaac Asimov in 1964

Zak Ben - Friday, March 07, 2014
Many years ago, in 1964, Isaac Asimov, a biochemist and Russian-born American writer made predictions on 2014, and seems to have almost all successful, as reported by the New York Times! Here here, collected 10 points, ranking again in the future! Good vision.

Top 10 Predictions for 2014 made by Isaac Asimov in 1964 List 

10. "Electroluminescent" Screen will be everywhere to communicate and lead information

For electroluminescence is meant for those who do not know the basis of the LCD, then liquid crystals: Isaac Asimov, an interesting article in the New York Times, he predicted that in 2014 the world would be already full of such screens, which would have served both to communicate that to carry information. In fact, so is including smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions and giant screens around the city, it is always possible to access information that may be of interest to us!

9. you can see people distant people through screens and communicate easily in real time

We had seen along, Asimov: as you all well know, it is now possible to make or receive video calls via your smartphone or tablet, or call through a computer using your webcam. At the time of this American writer, television was founded by a few years, yet he has managed to project themselves into the future and to deduct the realization of such a technology!

8. documents, books, photos and videos will be available everywhere through the screens

In the age of computers and the internet, you can access any kind of information via a monitor: whether it is documents, books (which you can read in e-book format), photos or videos. You can upload, watch, share, and more: Isaac Asimov, this, had already figured it out!

7. food will be mostly pre-cooked and pre-packed

The less fortunate of our populations, such as those in the third world, survive thanks to prepackaged foods and precooked. The industrial revolution led to the development of canned foods, which nowadays have spread more and more, making the daily life in the kitchen totally different compared to that of once!

6. the Robot will not work very well, but there are

There are already robots, how well you know: that to clean, which has spread on a large scale in the past decade, and many other types of machine, as the robot on the right, which is called Kiva and is a well known automation system for e-commerce, which allows you to deliver the products to those who produce the goods, and thus accelerates by far. These robots moving again!

5. will wire appliances but long-lasting batteries based on radioisotopes

In this case, our friend had no reason: batteries, as many of you know, are made mainly of lithium salts, so such radioactive isotopes. Appliances, nowadays, they still have leads, but nonetheless within a ten year this prediction may prove effective, we'll just wait and watch!

4. the workforce will be robotic machines and man's task will be to develop them and make them work

Asimov has basically translated what happens inside of industries nowadays: machinery, man-made, are operated by the workers! It is precisely in this way that work the Assembly lines, and many other types of company in all areas!

3. transport will try to avoid the dispersal of energy in the friction with the ground, and then the aircraft will be the most used, but also suspended trains will travel

The planes are actually one of the most used: hundreds of thousands of people every day takes the plane, either to make short trips within the country that long journeys from one side to the other of the globe. In addition, the generation travel trains actually suspended, thanks to magnetic levitation!

2. the world will have 6.5 billion inhabitants and will require a birth control to avoid the collapse

This gentleman is wrong, only about 500 million people: we went near, and indeed was right on birth control. As many of you already know, in China there is strict control, that prevents the majority of couples to have more than one child. Moreover, their population stands at 1,341,900,000 inhabitants!

1. boredom will be a big problem of advanced world

Let's close this intriguing ranking with a question/inquiry that we propose: Asimov was confident that in 2014, so nowadays, would become particularly influential on everyday life of the people the weight of boredom. He was referring to a widespread malaise that would be disclosed with speed: do you agree with him? Let us know what you think!