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10 Best Video Games Trailers Of All Time

Zak Ben - Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nevertheless, industry videogames knows no crisis. If there is a culture among the most fervent of innovations and creative, that is without a doubt the world of video games. It is no coincidence that to promote them you spend millions of dollars on advertising campaigns to embarrass the world of cinema. Fior fior di creative bring you working to create promotional trailer destined to remain in the history. Little masterpieces of pathos, poetry and imagination.

From "Halo 3" to "Assassin's Creed" Revelation ", " Mass Effect "3, " Bioshock "Infinity" and so much more, we have selected 10 External Observers small format artworks video.

I have to admit, it was time that I did not excited me so much. Try it to believe it.

Top 10 Best Video Games Trailers Of All Time

1. "Halo 3" Believe "(2007) 

2. "Dead Island" (2011)

3. "Assassin's Creed:" Revelation "(2011) 

4. "Halo 3 ODST (2009)

5. "Portal" (2007)

6. "Saint Row: The Third" (2011)

7. "Bioshock Infinite" (2010)

8. "Mass Effect 3 Invasion" (2012) 

9. "The Beatles: rock band" (2009)

10. "The Last Guardian" (release date scheduled 2014)