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#Aftersex 20 Most Beautiful Selfie on Instagram Pictures

Zak Ben - Wednesday, April 09, 2014
It's a trend that doesn't seem to want to go out of fashion and web users are really imaginative in inventing a new type of selfie that in a matter of hours depopulation in network. After the selfie driving forcharity, and those without makeup that's up even the self-portraits after sex. Call it Exhibitionism, transgression, or, if you prefer, goliardia. The fact is that the #Aftersex selfie are literally invading the Social Network.

The images we're talking about depict every kind of subject. Leafing through the catalog of sexual oddities you can find instagrammate great classics like the post Orgasmic cigarette or cuddling between partners. Enjoy couples happily after Nice shaped natural fatigue, boyfriends embraced between the sheets, guys who kiss and, dulcis in fundo, hands. Yes, because some funny guy the network have well thought of immortalizing their Palm to understand to have had a particularly intense relationship ... in "total autonomy".

We offer a nice photo gallery with the best photos taken by Instagram where you can find the #aftersex selfie that you like or enjoy.

Selfie after sex: Most beautiful #aftersex network selfie on Instagram