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Top 5 Best Moments Games of Thrones Season 1 TO 4

Zak Ben - Tuesday, April 08, 2014
a few days ago began the fourth season of the series Game Of Thrones 4.
I belong to the first category. Remember that six or seven years ago I started to read the books unpacked, for maximum profit overcharged, and that, despite being a little ' fantasy version of war of the Roses merged to crusades merged to more classic fantasy (and even some sprawl), I appreciated greatly.

And, here we are, then, to us.
A few days ago the fan Gabriele butico Laganà writes to me: "why not make a Top 5 with the highlight of the series?"
Challenge Accepted, I answered myself.
But still: in order not to spoil the show to anyone, I'll just as seen in the show. No spoiler on the future implications of the saga (also because I remained in the third book of the series, because when it came out in the fourth, it was only "half" of the next, the fifth, so I preferred to defer).
As always, the choice of best moments reflects solely my personal tastes.
The only variant is that on the bottom made of books adapted into TV series. Read in a few seconds.

Brace yourself! Top 5 about Game of Thrones 1,2,3 and 4 is coming!

5th place: the execution of Eddard Stark

I was quite disturbed by the fact that Ned Stark, at the end of the first book, ended up being killed. It is true that the GoT is the multitude of viewpoints through which a story is narrated, but Ned Stark was practically the "protagonist" between the protagonists.
Actually Ned Stark is the prime example of how in the world the protagonist's "classic", moved by the honor, loyalty and all the best "good feelings" is a bad end. 
Because there is no room for feelings and goodness of mind for those who play the game of Thrones.
Good time shocking in the book, and equally excellent time in television.
Then Oh well, whenever in a movie or a show there is Sean Bean will already know that he dies. It's no coincidence they nicknamed "spoilerman".

4th place: Jon Snow makes Wally

Which happens in every episode, from first to last.
And you know what's the paradox? That Jon Snow is probably my favorite character within the novel, and what sucks more in the show. The question is very simple: in the novels Jon Snow is a cool, with the storyline more pussy (at least for me); in the telefilm is an idiot.
Will be that the actor has the face of rio mare tuna, will be that the plot of Jon in the books is so extensive and complex that the candidates are dedicated to him in the telefilm could never do it justice, the fact is that while in the books Jon – thanks to its metalupo Spectrum, always tries to give the best putting patches on patches just not idyllic situationsin the TV series is almost worse than worst movies ever.

3rd place: the birth of the Dragons

I admit to have exclaimed "Oh dear!", when in the book Danaerys gets thrown into the fire and manages naturalistically, with three Dawg shoulders. I admit also that Danaerys is one of those characters who at the beginning of the books (and the show) not by two cents, then instead if it comes up with one of the best pussies ever storyline. 
On the birth of the Dawg is made very well.
And it's nice to see that the Dawg, season, double (or triple) in volume.

No. 2: The catenone of Tyrion

I waited with great trepidation, within the series, the battle of black waters. Not so much for the battle itself (very nice), and for the catenone of Tyrion.
But no, the catenone of Tyrion, in the TV series, have not put.
Too bad.
I go to memory (since I read it many years ago), but the strategy of fire and the debacle of ships led by the onion Knight you must own the catenone designed by Tyrion, which closes the Bay and prevents ships from escaping when the fire is launched. 
It was a nice moment in the book.
Again, shame.

1° place: Red Wedding

Trivial and obvious as you want, but when I got to the part in the book, staying with my jaw dropped for good five minutes after the massacre, I couldn't do anything but pay the canons 92 minutes of applause from Martin.
Mind you: Robb Stark if had gone to look for. Considering the State of affairs of the books and the setting of Martin was "obvious" that the offence to Lord Frey would have required a high cost (mainly because MOM Stark, before making the deal, he had warned his son that Frey was better not to joke).
The fact remains that the Red Wedding are a nice stab to the heart (literally). 
And in television, taking into account that it is a different medium than the novel, and keeping in mind that you must submit to dinero of production (which is never infinity), you could not do better. Indeed, I found those stabbing in panza Robb's wife (who in the novel is not present) to a very bad infinite (and therefore, a unique culinary experience).