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10 Most Bizarre University Courses

Zak Ben - Wednesday, May 28, 2014
We all love The Simpsons , but perhaps investigate the philosophical implications of the infamous "Doh" of Homer, Marge, or the eclectic hair is a little too much. I do not think so at the prestigious University of California in Berkeley who currently offers a course entitled "The Simpsons and Philosophy."

Surprisingly, Berkeley is not the only university to offer this kind of idiotic, and suspiciously non-academic elective courses.   From the study of David Beckham to the existential significance of obesity in this ranking we offer 10 undergraduate courses that you definitely will not ensure a place in the workforce, but at least you will be able to provide a few hours of entertainment .

Top 10 Most Bizarre University Courses

10. “Underwater Basket Weaving”; Reed College of Portland

Contrary to what the name might suggest, one of the requirements to attend the course does not appear to be licensed diver. Offered by a number of American colleges, including Reed College of Portland and the University of California , the course includes the manufacture of wicker baskets that are woven into the pool university.

9. “Harry Potter and The Age of Illusion”; Durham University

If you think you are a "muggle" or a "wizard" prepared for disappointment. The course "Harry Potter and The Age of Illusion" available in the Bachelor of Education Studies at Durham University , he spells it does not teach how to play Quidditch. The series of 22 lectures and 11 seminars will teach you to understand how JK Rowling's books reflect the prejudices of our modern society. Not as exciting as studying in Hogwart's, but a good excuse to revisit the books that have enchanted an entire generation.

8. “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame”; University of South Carolina

A Lady Gaga was awarded an undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina . Managed by the one who seems more a fan of the pop star masquerading as a university tutor (Professor Mathieu Deflem has participated in at least 30 concerts), the course encourages its students to engage in a critical study of the rise to fame of the artist.

7. “Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular ‘Logic’ On TV Shows”; University of California

If you've ever found yourself yelling at the screen of the TV to the injustice of Judge Judy is the time to enroll in the University of California , where "Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular 'Logic' on TV Shows" will allow you to express your frustrations. The course includes the study of popular beliefs in the reality TV shows through an analysis of the concepts of social justice. Pity there is not even a consideration with Italian Forum Network 4.

6. “Fat Studies”; George Washington University

The term "chewing the fat" (literally "chew the fat") takes on a whole new meaning in this course offered by George Washington University . The lectures examine the concept of fatness and obesity through the world of cinema, literature, anthropology and history, bringing the "cultural baggage" of overweight people directly in the spotlight.

5. “The Phallus Course”; Liberal Occidental College, Los Angeles

Yes, it really exists . Offered by the Department of Critical Theory and Social Justice in the Liberal Occidental College in Los Angeles, this program of in-depth study explores the history of the symbolism of the phallus . The topics discussed in the lectures include "the relationship between the phallus and the penis" and "the relationship between the phallus and fetishism."

4. “Zombie Studies”; University of Baltimore

Who does not enjoy seeing a good zombie movies? If, however, cultivated a passion for animated corpses head to the University of Baltimore where a course specifically dedicated to enabling its students to "prepare for the zombie apocalypse" , writing screenplays and watching horror films.

3. “David Beckham”; Staffordshire University

This course of 12 weeks of Staffordshire University is offered as part of the Bachelor in Sports, Media and Culture , and includes topics "heavy" as: the evolution of the hairstyles of Beckham, the conditions of his marriage to Victoria, and its status as "recurrent subject of female fantasies."

2. “Simpsons and Philosophy”; University of California, Berkley

Presented with a program "fairly strict" , this course taught at the prestigious university of the University of California at Berkeley examines one of the cartoon series of the most successful of our times through the eyes of Nietzsche, Plato , and many others. What about the proverbial "Doh" of the existential condition of Homer? And 'the voluminous hairdo of Marge's an obvious symbol of the affirmation of life or degradation of our society?

1. “Politicizing Beyonce”; Rutgers University, New Jersey

Who would not look for hours Beyonce and her dance moves just for the sake of it? imagine if we could otennere of college credits . Now his video and the lyrics of his songs have a significant academic progress thanks to the new "politicizing Beyonce" offered by Rutgers University in New Jersey. More complex than it may appear, this module students should compare Beyonce's work to that of activist Alice Walker and Sojourner Truth . Or maybe it's just an excuse to listen loop Single Ladies.