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10 Most Strange Items for Auction on Ebay according to TIME magazine

Zak Ben - Wednesday, May 21, 2014
eBay is one of the most famous sites in e-commerce . Just as the name suggests, is a market where transactions are made ​​by electronic means . You can buy everything from food to cars , all ' clothing , with just a couple of clicks.

Thousands of transactions are made ​​every day, and most of them involve the buying and selling of items mostly usual . However once in a while, an unexpected and bizarre object is put in the auction. In this list, recently published by TIME magazine , we will see top 10 of the most unusual and bizarre items that were never put up for auction from eBay .

Top 10 Most Strange Items for Auction on Ebay according to TIME magazine

10. "Bong The 'offending' in the photo-scandal Michael Phelps"

Are you a fan of the highly decorated U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps disappointed to not be able to get your hands on one of his gold medals? What do you think of the bong which was depicted the Olympic champion in his latest scandal? Last February, the object "offending" was put up for auction on eBay. Its owner hopes to earn at least $ 10,000.

"9. Virginity Natalie Dylan"

Strip naked for magazines risque is a deal from the twentieth century. Natalie Dylan , a girl of twenty-two years in San Diego tried to sell her virginity on eBay in January, only to vederesi suspend the auction. As a result, Dylan has signed an agreement with the infamous Moonlite Bunny Ranch , a legal brothel in Nevada, in order to put her virginity up for auction again. Dylan claimed to have received bids for at least $ 3.7 million.  If the buyer has "consumed" the product, however, not yet been revealed.

8. "Pulitzer"

In 2007, three medals were auctioned Pulitzer Prize once belonged to  Newsday  in New York. The three medals, which are usually assigned for excellence in journalism, one in 1950 and two in 1970, appeared on eBay and were subsequently sold at auction in California for a total of $ 15.500 . The manager of Newsday at the time of the sale, believed rewards still safely in the vault of the newspaper. Authorities later identified the person responsible for the theft, even if the story of how they managed to regain the prestigious loot has never been published.

7. "The name of the child"

In 2001, Jason Black and Frances Schroeder offered the naming rights of their unborn child on eBay. For the enviable sum of $ 500,000 , would commit themselves to call the name of any company or product. Excluding those brands of cigarettes and weapons, Mr. Black has considered the possible hypothesis of calling his son "Budweiser" . Fortunately, no major multinational has won the auction, and the baby was named, free of charge, Zane.

6. "The Town of Bridgeville, California"

Millions of items are bought and sold every day on eBay, but how many come with its own ZIP code? The small town of Bridgeville, California was sold at auction in 2002 for just under $ 1.8 million , a price that included about 83 acres of land and a dozen abandoned houses. Unfortunately for the city of Northern California's remote, the buyer has backtracked on that occasion. Another buyer, in the following months, the city bought for $ 700,000 , but, overwhelmed by the cost, put the property up for auction again (again on eBay). The city is still available (although this time, not on eBay) for potential buyers brave.

5. “A human kidney”

"You can choose your favorite kidney" wrote an auctioneer eBay known as "hchero" in 1999, when he published a list of its organs. "Of course, only one is for sale, as I need the other to live. Only serious offers. " The auction, which started from $ 25,000 , climbed up to reach the  $ 5 million before the eBay blotted in violation of federal laws against trafficking in organs. Kidney stones, however, can be sold. Just ask William Shatner, who sold her to a staggering $ 75,000 in 2006 and later donated to charity.

4. "Sandwich"

Sometimes sellers, eager to make some easy money, they sold at auction images "miracle" of religious figures such as Jesus and the Virgin Mary appeared on a grilled cheese sandwich or a stick fish. Many of these auctions have found a willing buyer at the site of the online casino , who does not hesitate to grab many of the new elements to be put on display. For example, a grilled cheese where it appeared a portrait of the Virgin Mary was sold for $ 28,000 at the casino in 2004.

3 ". A Digital Camera an agent M16"

There is nothing special in the purchase of a used camera on eBay. Unless the camera is not owned by a British spy and the latter still containing top-secret data. This is what happened last year to 28 year old boy who unwittingly bought the English names, fingerprints and photos of some suspected terrorists of al-Qaeda owned by an MI6 agent, who apparently was not too familiar with the camera key "delete". It was not until the winner of the auction has not downloaded the holiday snaps from his new Nikon Coolpix who discovered "the hottest content" - all purchased for only $ 31.

2. "Books Containing Steroids"

On eBay you can buy textbooks, children's books, non-fiction books, used books, new books, and, apparently, books containing steroids. In 2005, a team of investigative journalists of MSNBC have spent three months to investigate some sellers who were selling books on "steroids" that actually contained "steroids" .

1. "The grave Mortuary close to that of Marilyn Monroe"

A crypt located directly above that of Marilyn Monroe has been sold on eBay for $ 4.6 million after an auction lasted 10 days (with a base price $ 500,000 ). The niche is currently occupied by Richard Poncher, an American businessman who bought it from Joe DiMaggio during his divorce from Monroe in 1950. Poncher's widow, Elsie Poncher, who has put up for sale, says he will use the proceeds from the auction to pay the mortgage by $ 1.6 million home in Beverly Hills (and her husband move to a different place).