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20 Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever

Zak Ben - Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Many people have no idea that there are smarter ways to travel. These are the most ingenious tricks that I have found that will also help you in the next trip.

Top 20 Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever

1. The U.S. incognito when looking for prices for flights and hotels

travel sites can automatically raise prices because trace your visits

2. Roll clothes instead of folding them to save space

3. If you have clothes that are bent of using paper towels to avoid pleats

4. The Keep cables neatly placing them in the custody of the glasses

5. Put socks inside shoes to save additional space

6. Use straws to bring small amounts of creams and beauty products

7. Use a clip to cover the metal part of the razor

8. Combine soap, towel and container in one thing

9. Use a shower cap to put on shoes

10. Uses a clip so as not to roll up the headphones

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