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20 Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever

Zak Ben - Tuesday, May 13, 2014
11. Put the hair clips in a box of Tic Tac

12. Uses a belt to keep folded collar shirts

13. Recycle mini toothpaste tubes reloading instead of throwing them

14. The U.S. the spring of an old pen to protect the cable and do not peel or crack

15. To use Google Maps without connecting to the internet, write "ok maps" and the entire viewable area will be saved

16. Instead of buying water at the airport, bring an empty bottle and fill it after inspection

17. When you book a flight for two, take the window seat and aisle

If no book in the center will have all the row for you, if you book just ask to make a change of place to stay close to your friend.

18. If you forgot the charger, it uses the USB port behind a TV that has

19. Whenever you use a new card on the camera made a selfie

If you lose the camera and once found you have to prove that it's yours, you can show the picture.

20. Find the password of a local wi-fi looking in the comments on Foursquare

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