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5 people incredibly strange drugged food or drink

Zak Ben - Monday, May 19, 2014
Drugs of strange foods or drinks can happen, and how it can happen! Here it is truly unforgettable 5 cases: are you ready? Enjoy !!

Top 5 people incredibly strange drugged food or drink 

5. Australian Women only drink Red Bull for 8 months and lost 44.5 kg

A girl has decided to lose weight by drinking ... exclusively for Red Bull: a bad idea, which made her lose 44.5 pounds in 8 months, and that it has been reduced at the end of life: in addition to the endless attacks of ' anxiety, the woman was hit by a heart attack, which threatened to kill the 23 year old New Zealander.

4. Girl decides to eat only carrots: she wanted to be orange

A rather unusual bet, that of a girl with their roommates: the goal was to eat lots of carrots, as much as possible, and then only this type of food, to get to have a skin ... totally orange! In addition to carrots, has been granted a kind of juice, of course, also to carrots.

3. Man drinks only beer and water for Lent

A man decided to make a little sacrifice very different from the usual: for the entire period of Lent, decided to feed exclusively of beer and water! He says he was inspired by a group of monks who called Bavarian beer brewed by themselves "liquid bread", and they used because at that time he was not allowed to eat.

2. Teenage drinking 10 liters of cola a day

A young girl named Zoe, just 18 years old, has had serious health problems in recent years: the doctors were right to impose them to stop drinking cola. In fact, the teen drank as many as 10 liters per day, an amount out of all proportion! She herself has admitted to being dependent. It was then subjected to five days of infusion, a therapy with which you could go back to making the life of every day. If he had continued with that pace, his kidneys have stopped working!

1. Man undergoes liposuction and use the fat for frying meatballs for his friends

Do not believe us? It's all absolutely true: the man, a professional artist, he had a serious weight problem, and therefore had recently faced a liposuction to solve his difficulty. After that, however, he had an idea really gruesome: he took the fat that had been removed, and fried the "meatballs" to serve to his friends!