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Top 15 Most Powerful Couples Of All Time

Zak Ben - Sunday, June 15, 2014
Recently, the media lab at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has created a massive database that collects the best-known figures in the history of mankind according to their reputation : artists, athletes, politicians and more, are all included in this ranking. But one of the most fascinating categories is to " partner / or ", or the famous personalities not so much on its own merit, as for their romantic relationships . In most cases, these women married to men of power, but not always.

Among the couples most powerful , selected by the New York Times, there are some in which both characters have distinguished themselves by their own weight in society of ' and little .  Smartweek shows you the ranking of the top 15 positions , obtained by combining the position that each of the two States plays in " Pantheon ", developed by MIT.

Top 15 Most Powerful Couples Of All Time

15. Elizabeth Taylor (No. 2,729, actress) and Richard Burton (No. 7,217, actor)

14. Britney Spears (No. 280, Singer) and Kevin Federline (N° 8,976, companion)

13. Michelle Obama (No. 5,560, companion) and Barack Obama (No. 327, politician)

12. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (No. 4,611, companion) and John f. Kennedy (N° 264, politician)

11. Frida Kahlo (N° 313, painter) and Diego Rivera (N° 4,444, painter)

10. Victoria Beckham (N° 3,446, Singer) and David Beckham (No. 701, footballer)

9. Teodora (No. Companion 3,777) and Justinian I (N° 142, politician)

8. BeyoncĂ© (No. 805, Singer) and Jay-Z (N° 1,932, singer)

7. Hillary Rodham Clinton (No. 1,834, political) and Bill Clinton (No. 652, politician)

6. Eva Braun (No. 810, companion) and Adolf Hitler (N° 15, politician)

5. Angelina Jolie (No. 272) and Brad Pitt (No. 250, actor)

4. Anne Boleyn (No. 91, companion) and Henry VIII (N° 134, noble)

3. Nefertiti (N° 51, companion) and Akhenaten (N° 98, politician)

2. Cleopatra VII of Egypt (N° 19, political) and Marco Antonio (N° 107, politician)

1. Cleopatra (N° 8, political) and Julius Caesar (N° 8, politician)