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10 Bodypaint Face painting Illusion In The World

Zak Ben - Friday, July 04, 2014
Ever heard of Elsa Rhae? This is a very talented artist who is able to achieve the body paint and face paint is absolutely amazing, unique in the world : it is also passionate about video games, why in the midst of his works are also characters from titles such as Halo or Mortal Kombat . Most important thing to know: in every picture you see, the painted subject is always one and only her! Do not believe us?!? Try to notice! Enjoy the show!

What is among his works that we have proposed what struck you the most? They are really impressive, rather than realistic, each of them has its own reason! Want to know how he began making similar work? Randomly choosing a course of make up to add credits to his career choice as a university student! Until next time, really curious!

Top 10 Best Bodypaint & Face painting Illusion In The World

10. Mortal Kombat - Baraka

9. Joker

8. Mortal Kombat - Ermac

7. The Grinch

6. Halo Master Chief

5. Mortal Kombat - Quan Chi

4. Venom

3. Effect dirty - clean

2. V for Vendetta

1. Vault Boy - Fallout