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10 Thing You Don't Know About Cancer

Zak Ben - Tuesday, July 08, 2014
"I do not believe in miracles" . Many of us, however, seem to believe blindly. Search Google the word " cancer "and you will be struck by millions of web pages. And the number of videos you'll find on YouTube by typing the words "cure for cancer" is just as high.

The problem is that most of the information disclosed on the subject is, at best, is not accurate; in the worst cases even misleading to readers. There are so many web pages related to cancer based on news as banal as granted; many publications disseminate myths , if not dangerously incorrect information.

It can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction film, also because most of these "fairy tales" appear in the first instance to our eyes practically possible. But looking at the evidence , many of those we have hitherto considered "absolute truths" will melt like snow in the sun.

This article will help to dispel ten myths about cancer that circulate undisturbed for several years.

1) Cancer is a modern disease, invented by man. Paradoxically, this belief is more prevalent today than in the past. Well, it is not true that cancer is an invention of Western society. There have appeared since humans. Its characteristics have been described thousands of years ago by physicists Egyptians and Greeks. The researchers also found traces of cancer in the skeleton of a 3000 years ago. It 'true that lifestyle affects the chance of contracting the disease, but we must remember that the greatest risk is related to age. It 's simple: most of the population live long enough to develop cancer, because our ability to deal with infectious diseases and other medical conditions such as malnutrition history. Malformations of DNA, therefore, remain latent, and may lead, with the passage of time, the appearance of cancer.

2) The "superfoods" prevent cancer.
cranberries, beets, broccoli, garlic, green tea ... the list goes on. Despite thousands of sites claim otherwise, the "superfoods" do not exist. It is a term used by marketers to increase sales and has no scientific basis. There is no need to emphasize that it is necessary to pay attention to what you eat. Some foods are clearly healthier than others. Base your diet primarily on fruits and vegetables is a good idea, but no matter what fruit or vegetable which we choose in particular. Our bodies are complicated and even cancer it is, so it's a big risk to say that any food can have more or less influence in the development of the disease.

3) Acidic foods cause cancer.
surprisingly Some legends are "die hard", despite the Biology belies the daily and effortlessly. One of these ideas is weird that a diet based on foods that are too acidic lead to excess acidity in our blood, which would imply an increased risk of cancer. The proposed solution: increase the consumption of foods rich in alkaline substances, including, ironically, the lemon. It is a clear contradiction. It 's true, the cancer cells can not live in an alkaline environment overload, but could not do so even any other type of cell.

4) Cancer is a sweet tooth.
curious Another idea is that sugar nourish cancer cells, suggesting that the disease could be completely eradicated by following a diet that limits consumption to a minimum of sugar. It is rather simplistic statement. "Sugar" is a term wildcard. Refers to a variety of molecules, including glucose and fructose. All our cells use glucose to live. Cancer cells grow much faster than the others and therefore absorb a greater amount of sugar. This does not mean, of course, cakes and biscuits are to be considered at-risk foods.

5) Cancer is a fungus and baking soda is the cure.
This "theory" stems from the surface of the fact that "cancer is always white." The first mistake - apart from the fact that cancer cells, of course, in origin are not mushrooms - that is, in fact, cancer is not always white. Some tumors are, others are not. Ask any expert, or take a trip on Google images (definitely not recommended after meals!). Those who espouse this theory holds that cancer is derived from the fungus Candida and that tumors are the way that our body is to defend themselves from aggression. But there is no study that proves the truth of these words. It is, in fact, a microbe with which many of us live together without even knowing it. The "solution", according to the proponents of the theory, it would attack the tumor with the baking soda, which instead can lead to lethal consequences. doses of sodium bicarbonate greater than 30%, in fact, may cause serious diseases, such as alkalosis metabolism.

6) There is a miracle cure for cancer ...
From cannabis to coffee enemas, the Internet is full of videos and personal anecdotes that enhance natural healing properties "miraculous" in the fight against cancer. But extraordinary claims require extraordinary events, in this case, none at all. YouTube videos and Facebook posts have no medical significance. In many cases it is impossible to determine if the person who says these experiences have experienced the miraculous really. This underscores the importance of disseminating official data, obtained through a serious scientific investigation and clinical trials. It 'obvious that those who have cancer you want to heal as quickly as possible, but our advice is to stay away from the cares of "miraculous", especially if someone tries to sell them.

7) ... and the big pharmaceutical companies are fighting. Side by side with the idea that there is a cornucopia of "miracle cures" walks the idea that the government, pharmaceutical companies, and even non-profit organizations are not plotting to disclose treatments against cancer, so as to earn on chemotherapy and other existing treatments. Whatever the supposed cure, it is always based on the same logic "tighten" it is safe, cheap, and can not be patented, so medical research tends to insabbiarne existence. Problems of Conventional medicine does not prove the effectiveness of treatment alternatives . To use a metaphor, the flying carpet is not the only means of transport safer because sometimes occur automobile accidents.

8) The chemotherapy creates more victims than it heals.
We are realists, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are not a walk in the park. For some time now we know: the necessary treatments to eradicate infected cells could affect even healthy ones. And sometimes, unfortunately, do not work. We are all aware of how difficult it is to cure this disease when it is the last stage and has spread to the whole body: it is often possible to lengthen the patient's life and improve its quality, but do not heal completely. The assertion that runs on the web that "chemotherapy is effective at 3%" is absolutely old and misleading. Having more time to stand next to their loved ones enjoying a good health, though not always, it is a right of each of us and is something that no palliative care can provide.

9) There has been no progress in the fight against cancer.
Nothing could be more false. Thanks to advances in research, on average, a man survives the cancer more than 10 years, that is twice as long compared to 40 years ago. The deaths also decreased by 10% over the last decade. Today, in fact, cancer is diagnosed more quickly, increasing the chances of surviving the disease. The road is still long, but a light at the end of the tunnel shines more intensely.

10) Sharks do not have cancer.

Yes instead. Over 70 years scientists discovered that cartilage contains some proteins can block the development of new blood vessels around a tumor. Blocking angiogenesis, which allows the tumor to receive blood and then to proliferate, the disease also hangs. Sharks are cartilaginous fish, about 15 years ago appeared a treatise, written by the American physician William I. Lane, titled "Sharks do not get cancer." The book argued that taking, by mouth or by enema, powdered shark cartilage would not only remained immune from cancer, but also by a host of other diseases, such as arthritis, psoriasis and enteritis. However not only sharks can get cancer, but the remedy based cartilage powder was totally ineffective. The proteins contained in shark cartilage have also too large to be absorbed by the human. So much so that, instead of eradicating these diseases, they cause others.