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Top 10 animals with Super powers

Zak Ben - Sunday, July 20, 2014
In the most treacherous areas of the world there are insects capable of killing wolves and coyotes, horned lizards blood poisonous spray from his eyes, the seabed animals prehistoric hiding almost immortal, forest birds produce artificial misleading sounds similar to chainsaws and insects as small as an inch can carry enormous weights.

Fantasy horror Dario Argento films, is nothing compared to some species of animals that exist. Nature has endowed those small animals of superpowers worthy of a Marvel comic. Electric, poisonous, or Chameleon Gunslingers ranking view living beings by defence superpowers, can amaze every human being.

10. Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus heterochaelis)

It's the noisiest crustacean in the world, lives in almost all waters, from the Mediterranean to the tropics. Its main character is the different size of the claws, one larger than the other and instead of ending with the usual clamp takes the form of a gun.

Thanks to this modified claw shrimp gun succeeds in producing a Shockwave of 218 decibels that stuns the prey. The rapid closure of chela sprinkles a bubble of water to rapid speed of about 100 Miles per hour. When the bubbles burst are able to stun a crab and kill smaller fish. Finally brings prey into his hole.

9. Hairy Frog (Trichobatrachus robustus)

The hairy frog lives in Western and Central Africa, in the humid rainforests of eastern Nigeria, Guinea, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The main feature is indicated by the name. The male has the legs and the hips sprinkled with useful hair for the purpose of reproduction. In fact, the female lays eggs in the water and the male looks after up to hatch, remaining immersed in water for a long time, and it is the hair to allow them to do so.

The strands of hair have a respiratory function and allow a significant gas exchange, in lieu of the lungs, which in frogs have a reduced size.

8. Chitons (Poliplacofori)

Are marine molluscs with primitive features, unlike the small dinosaurs chitons have not become extinct due to their body. The particular characteristic that makes them famous are stone eyes. According to a study published by the American magazine Current Biology these mollusks are the only animals to have a similar feature.

Their eyes, which are arranged on the back plates are made of calcium carbonate (a substance present in the stones). Their eyesight, although does not distinguish colors, is able to sense changes in light.

7. Sea Cucumbers (Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers))

Are a class of echinoderm found on the seabed around the world. Characterized by an elongated, their morphology are nicknamed sea cucumbers. Classified as highly sedentary organisms, moving through muscular contractions. Their unique shape makes them dumb-like shape, are capable of by mental affirmation in the crevices of the seabed up to make himself invisible.

6. dung beetle

Species of beetles that feed on dung and collect their food into balls then they roll on the ground pushing it. Are able to move a weight up to a thousand times higher than their.

Unfortunately, dung beetles, like many other species, are disappearing. Only in Finland, for example, more than half of this insect species is at risk of extinction. The reasons of extinction are the lack of variety and the poor quality of the dung of animals bred. The intensive stuff chemicals farm animals by feeding poisonous substances in the soil.

5. Bomber Beetles (Coleoptera Adephaga)

The name of these beetles is due to their peculiar defense mechanism, if disturbed are able to trigger a chemical reaction that creates a hot Jet towards their aggressor. The Jet can be pointed in any direction and this defense mechanism is capable of causing blindness or kill predators.

4. Lyre Bird (Lyrebird)

It is a genus of Songbird in the family Menurida, commonly known as Lyre bird. It is quite common in rainforest areas, has long caudal feathers used during courtship to attract the largest number of females. During the courtship unfolds in a similar form with the lira. The main feature of this bird is the ability to mimic any sound they hear, including car noises, cameras and chainsaws.

3. electric eels (electric eel)

The electrophorus is a freshwater fish, known for its ability to generate, through the muscles, electric field that uses both for hunting and for the defence. Electric eels can generate electric shocks up to 600 volts.

2. Mimic Octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus)

The rubbery creature is able to imitate the appearance and movement of over 15 different animals including sea snakes, lionfish, sole, sea stars, snails, jellyfish, crabs, giant thanks to specific cells called chromatophores, which has in the skin. Each of them contains pockets of black color, red, yellow and green that are released in different quantities due to specific nerve impulses.

1. Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum)

The Texas Horned Lizard is a reptile you belong to the order Squamata. To warn predators inflates its body like a spiny ball up to twice its normal size. These reptiles are one of the strangest defense mechanisms of the Animal Kingdom: blood shoot from his eyes up to a meter away.The purpose is to confuse any predators, but blood also contains a chemical harmful to dogs, wolves and coyotes.