Thinking about this list you can imagine big cruise ships, passenger-packed and fun, like the ones that we often see leaving, all brilliant and incredibly large. Or the mind can wander up to films like Titanic, that tell a terrible tragedy, but with pictures of ships beautiful and very very large. In fact most of the ships in this list are intended for the carriage of goods, whereby no stories from novels or greet passengers moved to start a new life. Larger ships are mostly cargo ships, though not all, but their Majesty and greatness can leave you breathless.
We discover together ten of the world's largest ships.


1 – Seawise Giant: it was a supertanker ULTRA LARGE and his last trip was in December 2009. 458 metres long, wide 68.8 mt and displacement 657,019 cc engine.

2 – Pierre Guillaumat: supertanker built in 1977, took its name from the French politician and founder of the Elf-Aquitaine oil industry. 414 meters long and capable of reaching 16 knots of speed. His last trip was in February 1983 2.

3 – Battilus: supertanker built in 1976 for the Shell. With its 414 metres could reach a speed of 16-17 knots. His last trip was in December 1985 28.

4 – Prairial Supertanker: built for the Compagnie Nationale de Navigation. With its 414 metres could reach 16 knots of speed. His last trip was in 2003.

5 – It Atlantic: 35 years of service, 406 yards, 516 thousand tons and a speed of 16 knots. It was demolished in 2002 in Pakistan.

6 – Emma Maersk: port container, with its 397 metres is one of the fastest ships in that can reach up to 26 knots. The ship is still in service.

7 – TI Class Supertanker: tanker capable of carrying 440 thousand tons of cargo and travel between 16 and 18 knots. It is a most beautiful ships ever built.

8 – Globtik Tokyo: 378 metres, gross capacity of 484 thousand tons, maximum speed of 16-17 knots and 13 years of service.

9- Jarmada Class: 373 m tanker and 16 knots. His last trip was in 2008, after 32 years of service.

10 – MS Vale Brasil: owned by the mining company Vale, carrying 400 thousand tons of ore. 362 metres and gross tonnage of 199 thousand tons. It is still in service.

The grandeur and beauty of these ships is amazing. Ten positions that will leave you breathless if you think about the hard work to build ships so majestic and functional.
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