Top 5 most deadly Weapons of the future


Recent news facts testify to how even in 2015, despite efforts by many Nations and international organizations, we should still talk about real state of war. One in which we are involved with the Islamic State and its threats, let's call it with other words, brings us back to a conflict, with different variations with respect to the fact that we have in mind considering two or more sides in the field. While in recent years, especially in Europe, the investment in defense has often been neglected and the funds are intended significantly to her fallen, there are other powers, including those considered emerging, that make investment in armaments a real priority. China and Russia, despite recent difficulties, there are case in point. And a great power who intends to allocate part of its budget to military spending today makes it very specific conditions, which does not neglect the technical avant-garde and high innovation of armaments. Of innovation we can definitely speak, even in this area. The technological advancement that engineers and designers have brought the military sector is really impressive. We tried to imagine what will be in the near future the Tools of privileged protection in the choices of Governments, based on recent experiments and on technologies of interest a priority for all Nations. These our conclusions that, perhaps without much surprise, see an important role of the United States in research and development.

5. The electromagnetic Cannon

The u.s. military is in the process of adding it to his arsenal. What it is is soon told. Unlike a regular Cannon, this miracle of technology is capable of firing bullets at a range that exceeds 100 miles without using any kind of explosives. You got it, without explosives. This is possible through a combination of electrical and magnetic forces, such as to shoot ammo slot at a speed in excess of Mach 6, approximately 45 miles per hour. Just the mere impact strength to cause substantial damage.

4. Hydra

Just like the Hydra of Greek mythology, this missile defense system will be able to hit several targets at a time from blind spots, hidden radar, such as underwater level. Real container loads of drones and air will be installed on the sea waiting for external commands. It is expected that such a system will be used in international waters by 2018. It might be especially useful to coordinate operations, particularly for anti-piracy actions or surprise attacks.

3. X-47 B

The X-47 B is a drone completely without human help worth 813 million dollars, a cornerstone of the remote piloting aircraft. Numerous tests in 2013 and in 2014 has emerged that this specimen is the only one who can easily take off and land from aircraft carriers. Not one thing recently when one considers that their surfaces are always present and many other aircraft crew members. It is time to check the capacity of fuel reloads during flight. It is capable of flying more than 40000 feet and over 2100 nautical miles with a full only at speeds close to the sound barrier. Can also carry 45 pounds and portray the wings, to fit more comfortably in transport compartment.

2. Tank GXV-T

You know, the tanks are hardly known for their agility. Even the shots that are capable of firing, while powerful, are unlikely to occur very close to repeating. The DARPA plans to change the status quo with the GXV-T, a prototype tank smart and fast, able to move both in urban scenarios in desolate wastelands. As far as possible will be able to avoid getting caught, in order to limit the damage and even then will be equipped with a defense system capable of intercepting missiles and change its structure by the suspensions. If it does not suffice the GXV-T will be equipped with all sorts of offensive weapons able to change position on the tank. All made automatically by the machine.

1. The CHAMP project

CHAMP stands for Computer-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project and is a joint project of Boeing and research laboratories of American military aviation. I still don't know how it can be developed and the details of its operation. What is certain is that this torpedo drone will be able to eradicate every electronic device that you should add to its target. The only damage outside the target can only be current loss, without prejudice to human lives and buildings. Do you think then that might be useful in wars of the future, increasingly fought with radar and espionage. Especially since it is known that much of the success or failure of a conflict is not determined by ground troops and aircraft while simple is surely determined by support services, which often shine for technology and precision.

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