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American Psycho 10 Most Famous Serial killers In united states

Zak Ben - Saturday, December 07, 2013
The shadow of the serial killer is back stateside. In fact, no one has ever gone. The discovery of the bodies of three women in a house in suburban Cleveland suggests to investigators that may have been other victims of this latest, latest serial murderer. In American history are numerous: they abducted, raped, murdered, sometimes also eaten, dozens of people. Many were caught and sentenced to death or to life in prison. Both men and women. Many other cases, however, remained unsolved. Their stories, dramatic ones of their victims have inspired films, books, documentaries and plays. This is a list of the most heinous serial killers of recent American history.

#1 Gary Leon Ridgway 

It is also called the Green River killer. Truck driver, brought his victims, mostly prostitutes, on the shore of the River to strangolarle and then throw them in the water. At present is the serial killer with the largest number of crimes detected on the shoulders: 49, but he confessed to killing 71 women, while investigators believe that they can be even longer, at least 90. Hit Washington State (and especially near Seattle) at the beginning of the years ' 80. Ridgway began to appear in the list of suspects in 1983, after being arrested for an offense related to prostitution. But, the task force that was established to discover the identity of the serial killer there will some time to nail it. Will be crucial Dna tests done in the years to come. The certainty that he is the killer comes only in 2001. The man was transferred to a maximum security penitentiary where, to avoid the gallows, confess his crimes. After the trial in 2003 is sentenced to life in prison. His oldest victim was 38 years old, the youngest 15.

#2 Theodor Robert Bundy

Who has investigated about him has always thought that Tea had started to kill early, at the age of 14 years. His first victim was a child of 8 years. He always denied the murder. But before you sit in the electric chair in the death Chamber of the Florida prison where he was held, Bundy confessed thirty murders. Even in this case, as in many other of serial killer, investigators thought that the victims were probably more, about forty, or even, say, a hundred. His biographer, Ann Rule described him thus: "A sadistic sociopath who tries pleasure in doing harm to his victims, who wants to have control until death and beyond". Between 1974 and 1978, Tea Bundy killed in seven u.s. States. He kidnapped, raped and murdered young women. In some cases it has even desecrated the corpse. It appeared as a man of gentle manners, attentive to the conversation with his prey. Once he got the confidence, the game was easy. Shrewd and ice blood, Bundy had managed to escape twice, with incredible escapes arrest, before being captured in 1978 in Florida

#3  John Wayne Gacy

They called the Killer Clown. Because John was a prankster. He liked to make a circus number during parties and receptions in Norwood Park neighborhood. He had designed the Pogo costume, so he called the clown. It was a popular, community animator, a great husband, a trader estimated, an activist of the Democratic Party, which had managed to be photographed even Rosalyn Carter, Jimmy's wife, the First Lady. In short, the typical perfect neighbor.Only had a secret. He liked to take the lives of boys. Why was trying to please do so. John Wayne Gacy discovered that her body reacted so when in 1972 killed his first victim: a boy who had picked up at the bus station in Chicago. Many others followed: 32, say teen killed processes after they have been brought into his house (in 1975 had divorced from his wife after being told it was bisexual) and buried their bodies in the cellar or in the surrounding terrain. It will be only after having killed a 15-year-old whom he had met in a pharmacy in Des Plaines that the Clown Killer will be found. The Court condemn him to death. The judgment will be carried out in May 1994. His last words? "Go to hell".

#4  Dean Corll

At the time of its discovery, the mass murder of Houston (as it was called) was considered the worst serial murder case in the history of the United States. There were three authors. David Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley (17 years old) were young accomplices, those who procure victims. Dean Corll-the nickname was "Candy Man" (he was an Executive in the candy factory owned by the family)-he was the executioner. Between 1970 and 1973, killed 28 boys, between 13 and 19 years. Accomplices attracted them to Corll's House with an apology. There, he was drugging them, seviziava, torturing, raped and killed. Then, they set the bodies disappear. Candy man had originally drafted the two, offering $ 200 for each prime. He told them that it was part of a group of Dallas addicted to pornography and wanted to make movies. Then, when they saw what it was, the two Corll became his accomplices in the murders. Not just for fear of retaliation. All this went on until the evening of August 8, 1973. The two kids had brought home the latest victim, but with him there was also a girl. This had complicated the plans. Candy Man wanted Henley the violentasse and kill him. Threatened with death if they were to his order. The boy did not, shot him. The freddò. Three shots and Candy Man had died. Milton then called the police. He and David Brooks were later sentenced to life imprisonment. In 2013 it should leave a film on the life of Henley.

#5  Earle Nelson

Read the Bible in order to win the confidence of his victims. Mostly, women, room rental, which housed this young Californian who had knocked on their door. But then the smother, violated their corpses and left under the bed. Earle Nelson was a serial killer degli anni ' 20. He was also called Killer Gorilla, the force with which he used to fire on the neck of his victims. In just a year, from 1926 to 1927 he had killed 25 along the West Coast. They took after the flight into Canada. He managed to get away for 12 months due to wrong tracks followed by the police. He was hanged in the prison of Winnipeg. Even beyond the border had killed. Two Canadian women. The latest victim was 14 years.

#6  Jeffrey Dahmer

The Milwaukee Cannibal killed his first victim when she was 18 years old. It was 1978 and at that time, for a certain period of time, Jeffrey was living alone. His had divorced and his father had moved in, while his mother was taking care of the youngest child. Invited a boy to his house. Drank anything, the host then said that he wanted to leave. Jeffrey did not want. Wanted him to stay there with him. So killed him, dismembered the corpse that partly dissolved in acid and instead buried in the cellar. It was a prelude of his "career" of serial killers. He left for military service. And when he returned he was hired by a Milwaukee chocolate factory. Nine years after the first murder, Dahmer returned to kill. It was 1987. Baited a person in a gay bar and led to his grandmother's House. He said he did not remember to have it hit the night before. But when he woke up, he found the boy on the ground, dead. Ne smembro the corpse and buried parts of the body in the cellar. Did so with two other victims in the House. Her grandmother at one point told him to leave. Due to his habit of bringing men into his room at night and for that strong smell that came from the cellar. Jeffrey moved, but continued to kill. Indeed, his new home became a temple of horror. The victims were strangled, cut to pieces, partly eaten; the heads preserved in refrigerator or around the apartment, like other limbs. Others were dissolved in acid. When police entered the House, after which a boy lured had managed to escape death, saw all this. And a human heart in the freezer. Between 1987 and 1991, Dahmer killed 17 people. Sentenced to life imprisonment, the Milwaukee Cannibal was killed by another inmate in the prison of Wisconsin where he was locked up. It was 1994. He was struck with an iron bar on his head. He died in the ambulance that carried him to the hospital.

#7  Albert Fish

If there is a model for Cannibal Hannibal Lecter is precisely this sessantacinquenne which in New York of 20 years had some important shadow compared to the past (mental illness in the family, an experience, he said, male prostitution, other sexual abuse attempts) and a big secret to keep in mind: she loved cooking and eating human flesh, the child, in particular. Albert Fish described in his confession as being extraordinarily good ones keep limbs that occasionally managed to put into the pot. The American Justice has been sentenced to death for killing 6 children, but many people think-investigators, researchers and historians who followed-that in fact his victims were many, many more. A few dozen. In 1928 he was arrested for the murder of Grace Budd, a young girl who was abducted from his farm. He confessed to the killing of three other children. And the description of how he had treated their bodies in her kitchen. Sentenced to death, was executed in Sing Sing prison in 1936. The jury knew that he was not sane, but decided the same to send him on the scaffold. What they had heard was too. It seems that his last words were: "don't even know why I'm here."

#8 The Zodiac Killer

This is one of the many unsolved cases of serial killers in the United States. In the late 60 's and early 70 's in Northern California a bunch of people killed, three men and four women. Local newspapers arrive by Zodiac letters, containing of Cryptograms, were four in all and just one of those puzzles was understood by investigators. for the rest, pitch dark. The last message of the zodiac was in 1974. Then, nothing more. The serial murderer dissolves into thin air. No one will ever. The case is still open, and the police investigate. Over the years were evaluated the positions of several people and a few others are presented to investigators to say that one of their relatives was the Zodiac, but then carried out searches have not led to any results. The Zodiac Killer has become an element of American popular culture. A film was shot on the case, while many others were inspired by this mysterious and still unknown serial killer.

#9  Aileen Wuornos

There are also women among serial killers made in Usa. One of them is Aileen, who killed seven men between 1989 and 1990. Were her customers, she was a prostitute. At the time of the arrest said he had tried to rape her. The Court then not believed and condemned him to death. The sentence was executed in 2002. A year later would be released movie Monster. Charlize Theron was part of the protagonist. Also won an award for interpretation. So the general public knew better the story of Aileen. Born to a 17-year-old mother, had never seen the father who was hanged in prison, had been abandoned to the paternal grandparents when she was still young, had been abused by his grandfather, and at the age of 13 years was pregnant after the violence suffered by a family acquaintance, to 15 years was slammed out of the House and had started to prostitute. Then began the troubles with the law: robbery, theft of cars. In the late ' 80, Met Tyria Moore, a maid in a motel in Dayton Gay bar. The two became friends. Began the murders. Finally, the capture and the death in prison of Florida.

#10 Amy Archer-Gilligan 

Sister Amy would have killed 48 people. With poison. Including the second husband Michael Gilligan. The others were guests of the retirement home where Archer owned after her first husband had died, apparently of natural causes in 1910. A few weeks before, he had made on his wife's advice on life insurance. So Sister Amy, despite mourning had had the means to run his business. Between 1907 and 1917 to Archer House, besides the owner and second husband died 60 other people. Twelve residents until 1910, four per year, a number that seemed natural. but then in the seven years that followed, had increased exponentially: 48 other deaths in five years. Too much so as not to arouse suspicion. The investigation began in 1914, after the sister of one of the guests told police that her brother had died suddenly after leaving a huge amount of money to Archer. After the deaths continued, it was decided the exhumation of several bodies. The examinations gave the verdict: all poisoned with arsenic or strychnine. Make five murder cases, sister Amy was sentenced to death, but the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. He died in prison in 1962. Her story would help to inspire Joseph Kesselring in writing the comedy arsenic and old lace ".