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Top 5 Best Alarm Tones To Make Sure You Wake Up in the Morning

Zak Ben - Monday, December 02, 2013

No one likes to wake up in the morning but since I sometimes need to wake up that's how android tries to make our awakening less traumatic, here is a collection of the best alarm applications for Android, to try to make our awakening more pleasant ...
I have personally tested many of these alarms and what I can tell you, is that some are really crazy, there are alarm clocks that do not stop playing until you get up and start walking, other that increasingly reduce the snorze key (the key that gives us another 5/10 minutes :D ), then that's all the alarms I've tested.

CircleAlarm (Holo Alarm Clock)
Has the alarm setting feature with two concentric circles, intuitive and simple to use, to block a ringing press and hold also supports vibration, increase the volume gradually, we can put a song like suneria, the flip of the phone to dampen and the voice message that we warn if defers between what there is going to be the next ring.

Extreme: Alarm
An alarm clock with the sensors, in addition to having everything you would expect from a normal alarm clock with this app also have a sleep, putting the device at our pillow, he will analyze the movements and sessions of sleep and will wake up in time or at least the less traumatic way.

Puzzle Alarm clock
As the name says to stop this alarm clock you can set a puzzles to solve, only if we can solve, we can spengerla, is this the game memory, white tails, color and shapes. You can set the number of puzzles to solve, the difficulty, of course, also supports the snooze normal but you can limit if more than that number of times the button disappears is you're forced to get up.
It also supports the switch through QRCode, practically you can simply print the QRCode that app sends us and stick it in a place far from our bed, the phone doesn't stop until you do scan the QRCode.

SleepBot is a cross between an alarm clock and a SleepTracker, record sounds, movements and the total time of sleep, also of wake-up functionality, it also has some tips (for now) on how to sleep better or how to stay awake, what to eat, etc.

Alarm Clock Plus
Great alarm clock lets you choose the music in mp3 format, you can add a voice that warns us of the exact time and reads the weather conditions. In short, it's a good way to wake up in the morning, also comes with 2 one for weather widget and one for now.