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Top 5 Best Ringtones Aite For Android iPhone Download Free

Zak Ben - Monday, December 02, 2013

There are Top 5 platforms that allow you to legally download ringtones music for your smartphone Free. Worth knowing about.

1. Myxer

Myxer offers a huge library of ringtones. Many are free ringtones. Other, mostly footage of real songs, are paid $ 2.99. Among the free ringtones you will find a lot of clips of lesser-known artists, alerts and alarms, as well as quirkier selections. If you've always wanted the camel Hump Day, GEICO or Progressive want funny lady as a ringtone, Myxer is right for you. If you are not satisfied with the selection of Myxer, upload your images and audio files with the editor of Myxer to create ringtones and wallpapers. Myxer also has apps for iPhone and Android, in which users can change tracks and download ringtones already Myxer.

2. Zedge

You won't find many radio hits on Zedge. Its collection features mostly YouTube memes. Zedge is also the place to go for the soundtrack of Mission Impossible or a reproduction of the chipmunk "Gangnam" Style called "Gummy" Style.

A particularly interesting category of ringtones is one that includes a surprisingly accurate representation of Mr. Bean.

To download a ringtone, you need to download the audio file to your computer, then transfer the file to your phone manually. Alternatively, Zedge is an Android app for download ringtones directly to your phone.

3. PhoneZoo

The PhoneZoo is mostly made up of user-submitted audio clips, and the result is a mix of elements. With the social part of PhoneZoo is then can upload and edit their files and share them with others. The collection ranges from covers of PhoneZoo Jeopardy theme acoustic to the ominous tones (to give your parents, of course).

To download a ringtone you must register to get a free account and PhoneZoo will send ringtones on your cell phone.

4. Mobango

Similar to other community Mobango has lots of original ringtones sent by users.

You can also upload, edit and convert files on Mobango to make them adaptable to your phone. To download ringtones please register for an account and send selected ringtones directly to your phone. Once you have an account, you can access files contained in your account with any mobile device.

5. Mobile9

Mobile9 releases a series of clips extracted from songs. Users are allowed to upload a series of cover songs and original tunes, as well as theme songs, including the theme Candy Crush and despicable Me song 2. Mobile9 has also its rendition MIDI section and funny ringtones, which include for example the cat caterwauling for children. From Mobile9 you can download audio files directly on your computer.