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10 Best App To Increase Battery Life on Android 2014

Zak Ben - Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Smartphones are the new era of mobile phones but have a defect that older models, especially the Nokia, had not: the battery tends to last less and less.

Obviously technological evolution which led touchscreen displays with millions of colors, cameras, mp3 players, chance to see films and tv shows directly from your phone, has not adequately improved battery that always runs out within a day.
On Android battery management can be significantly improved, especially on those low-cost models, which have a poorer battery.

There are all the guidelines to extend battery life and make it last longer on the iPhone and other smartphones .
For Android, however, you can also install some free applications that automatically allow to optimize battery life and avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

In general, extending the battery life of your mobile phone, you should hold off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, network connection, display lighting and so on.
As a commentator, however, in this way, what are you doing with a smartphone?
Fortunately, on Android, some permetttono applications to automatically handle the activation and deactivation of the various mobile phone features, depending on the time of day and according to the battery charge available.

In this post we see 10 best applications you can download for free, available on Android market, to increase and improve the battery life of the Android smartphone.

10 Best App To Increase Battery Life on Android 

1) Battery Doctor is perhaps theapplication of this more complete list.
Using the application, you can keep an eye on the total time of waiting before the battery is charged, allows you to extend this position and see reports about the energy consumption of the phone or Android tablet and any application used.
It installs a widget in the Android notification Panel to keep under control the current battery level and estimated time before you run out.
The widget allows you to enable or disable the options in the app and thus save energy.
The application can enable a custom alarm when the battery is being drained.

2) Juice Defender is the main application of this list that everyone should install on an Android phone.
JuiceDefender-Battery Saver is a powerful app that extends battery life by Android automatically disabling functions, depending on the charge level.
For example, it disables the network connection when the phone is in standby and re-enable automatically freezes the screen.
The free version works well though it is a bit limited compared with the paid version, very complete.
After installing, just keep Juice Defender with the balanced profile and do not touch anything.
It operates in the background and you should notice a significant decrease of the consumption of the battery during the day.
The only side effect is that if you use applications such as Lapwings or Whatsapp they may not function properly in the notifications of messages when the network is disabled.

3) Carat is a convenient and useful application which works in the background (and therefore does not consume memory mobile phone weighing down) and that it should be started to receive some advice on applications to disable because consuming too much battery.
More than useful, I'd say.

4) ES System Monitor is a task manager for Android truly complete that enables certain optimizations.
The most important functions are two.
By pressing the menu button, you can use the Startup Manager to decide what programs and applications turn off when you turn on the phone (unlocked phones only by root).
The second function is critical to save on battery and is located in the power optimizer.
Going in the Otherstab, you can configure The Automatic Airplane mode which causes a sharp battery savings night, without turning off the phone.
You can then configure a start time and an end time for the Air mode that disables all connections, including telephone.

5) TrendMicro Longevity Battery Saver is a powerful new application to preserve battery power and make it last longer when using an Android phone.
With this app you can activate the Phone Mode that disables all functions except phone call.
There is also a graphical view of how energy is used to see what applications are active they consume more battery.
You can also receive alerts when the battery is running out too quickly and if an application is consuming too much.
Longevity Battery Saver may really become anessential app to be installed on Android.

6) BitDefender Power Tuneup is an application similar to optimize battery use of Android phone and prevent it runs out too soon.
Power tune-up has options to improve the performance of Android phone including record battery use by applications, a file wiper and a task manager to kill the process.
You can then customize phone settings to activate economy mode.

7) Easy Battery Saver is a free app for Android is easy-to-use to maximize battery life.
This is another alternative app able to handle connections, brightness and screen mode off.

8) battery saving with a twist is a widget to add to Android desktop that is a button to press when the battery is running out of his Office.
It extends the battery by turning off in one fell swoop all Wi-Fi, Bluetooh, GPS, brightness, vibrations and synchronization.

9) Green Power Free is an application that automatically saves battery without having to worry about.
It enables or disables the free Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data when they are not used and also when no application is using active connections.

10) BatteryGuru is an automatic optimizer for the battery of smartphones with Qualcomm SnapDragon processor which guarantees a longer charging after "learning" as the user uses your smartphone