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20 Best Android Games For Kids 2014

Zak Ben - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In this article today we will see some applications games for children on tablet android, in particular app available for Android tablets , we have already seen in the past some online games for the little ones , but if you use your tablet at home even in the presence of children will be attracted and will inevitably ask to use it. Here then are some dedicated applications on their own, easy to use, fun and they can also educate you: so not only games but also useful for applications for educational purposes.

Top 20 Best Android Games For Kids 2014 Smartphone and Tablet List 

1. iStory Books

iStory Books offers many stories free, simple and interactive for children, in English, can be useful and fun for your children down the throat with English, even at a later age than indicated. The books are well developed, with support for reading and will surely arouse more interest than a normal paper book.

2. Ant Smasher

Ant Smasher is an attractive and very simple game in which the immediate goal will be to crush the different ants crawling slowly on the display; great game to develop such reflections and entertain any child, completely free.

3. 0-10 Numbers Baby Flashcards

Nothing more simple, fun and instant way to learn numbers in English, through these cute cards; Free app available as always from the Market.

4. Talking Gina the Giraffe Free

Talking Gina the Giraffe is pure entertainment app available for free on the Android Market, this software will offer you a friendly giraffe can interact in different ways, offering fun for children.

5. Classic Simon Genious

Classic Simon is a fun and straightforward game, that although in the English language provides entertainment for everyone, including the largest, developing and testing your memory; different game modes present, app completely free.

6. Steamy Window

Steamy Window glazing can save your home from the fingerprints of children: This free app offers a virtual fog of your display, making it like a foggy window on which the kids love to draw. App very simple and straightforward suitable for any age group.

7. Homework

Homework offers a valuable study aid for little ones: the app is developed and designed to organize the study, homework assignments, lesson times, really well developed, for example, provides a useful counter and other tasks not yet done cool features. Free App available on the Android Market, it can provide serious help with school.

8. AniWorld

AniWorld is another app to improve and start to move closer to the English language, in a nice offering a vast list of animals, the pronunciation of the names and development that affects each of them, even this application is completely free.

9. Tom & Jerry Tube

This application will make the happiness of many, not only children but also some adult: Tom & Jerry Tube offer free comprehensive collection of Tom & Jerry cartoons in streaming directly with a WiFi or 3G connection, more than 150 episodes ready to be enjoyed together with the little ones.

10. doodle Kids

Kids Doodle is a great free app to introduce children to the interaction with art and design, drawing on a tablet can be more difficult, but not for the children who will certainly find it more fun and immediate. Available in different colors and effects.

11. At the Dinosaur and Friends

At the Dinosaur and Friends despite the limitation to the English and Japanese languages, offers entertainment and fun with some nice dinosaurs, interactive and capable of different movements, all the dinosaurs are well made ​​in three dimensions, also a free app to learn about the world of fun dinosaurs.

12. Abduction!

Although the name may not be the most cheerful referring to the abduction by extraterrestrials, actually Abduction! offers a fun game, free, and easy gameplay by smaller: only with the accelerometer you'll have to pick up this cow hopping up plans as high as possible, so that it can be abducted by aliens. The controls offered, essentially with only the tilt of the table, make it accessible to all, free app.

13. piano for children

This totally free application offers classical piano at eight buttons designed for little ones; rather simple and intuitive app that still offers hours and hours of entertainment for children, with a nice and colorful graphics.

14. Balloon Boom

Boom Ballon always available for free in the Market is another example of a game designed and developed for children, immediate and fun burst as many balloons as possible in 60 seconds, developing reflexes and enjoying the little ones. But be careful with the heat of the children who hurl on your display.

15. Happy trains! for young kids

Another example of a fun game and thought for the little ones: Happy trains! for young kids features a simple gameplay, with the construction of rail tracks and trains, walked on demand with trains played in a stylized manner, it sounds very realistic.

16. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe or maybe more known here in Italy as "tris". It 's the classic play in which the aim is to achieve a kind or three symbols vertically, horizontally or diagonally, marking a symbol to each our turn; simple and immediate gameplay, it offers both two-player mode is the single player.

17. the Flying Penguin

Flying Penguin is a fun free game where you have to slide along the hills of a penguin ice game suitable for all ages and the simple but fun gameplay.

18. the Galaxy

Galaxy is a puzzle game suitable even for children, free of charge, with over 200 playable levels, long-lived and very challenging game in more advanced levels for adults.

19. Slice it!

Slice it! available for free from the Android Market is a simple game but with the advance of the crisis levels will also older people: the purpose of the game is to cut it into pieces tot the different forms that we have before in the same way with the in short, the same surface. Simple gameplay but really intriguing for everyone.

20. Dinosaur talking

Dinosaur is a talking dinosaur capable of providing entertainment for the little ones, repeating what they say and offering many other interactions, and the app is completely free.