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20 Best APP Windows Phone 8 2014

Zak Ben - Monday, February 17, 2014

This is our list of the top 20 best apps for Windows Phone. Many already know them, but some of its exclusives you will draw attention . Who knows, maybe you choose to get your hands on a smartphone from Microsoft for the performance of their apps.

20 Best APP Windows Phone 8 Free / Paid 2014 To download List

No. 1 Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a classic application on all smartphones and could not miss this list of the best applications for Windows Phone. Talk to your contacts chat , send photos , videos , locations, and other files in seconds .

Also, if you prefer to speak instead of writing , the latest version of WhatsApp lets you record and send voice messages to any contact .

Download Whatsapp (free)

# 2 YouTube

YouTube is also an essential application. If you sync with your Google account will have at your disposal the latest news from your favorite channels and the coolest trends on your Windows Phone.

Has been recently updated with not only new features, also in the interface. Now you can minimize the video you are playing while looking , all over YouTube , the next thing you want to see .

YouTube Download ( Free )

# 3 Twitter

Twitter also has place in this list of the best apps for Windows Phone. For those who still do not know , more and more , it is a microblogging social network .

That is, with your own you can write short messages of 140 characters each, to describe your state, reaction to something or just mentioning to someone else to tell you something .

Each time, Twitter has more presence and has become a source of information as quickly and directly , as companies and famous have their profile filled with information pictures and videos .

Download Twitter (free)

# 4 Line

If you want an alternative to WhatsApp , Line gives you what you want. This free app for Windows Phone 8 gives you a fun chat out if something is called by Stickers . You can use icons to express emotions with your posts , but these stickers are larger and more fun .

Some are free , but there are also paid , created by Disney, Marvel comics or manga authors , among which you will find the characters of Inazuma Eleven, Doraemon and Detective Conan.

To make matters worse , Line offers a Facebook -like wall where you can hang around , but the most common use of this app is to chat with friends and having fun with the stickers timeline.

Download Line ( free)

# 5 Acrobat

Acrobat is one of the most useful apps you can install on your phone if you want to increase your productivity . It is a document viewer with. PDF with all the options of the computer program , with which it is compatible if you make changes , you put underscores notes or paragraphs.

You can adapt the way you visualize your document , and even if you want to switch to night mode called . Acrobat also allows you to scan the documents that you have in the cloud and offers an them anytime .

Download Acrobat (free)

# 6 Translator

Microsoft has its own translator , which has developed an app for your Windows Phone. Easy to use, just copy the text you do not understand and in seconds appear in your language .

There are many methods of translation , writing it directly to your smartphone, by voice or by a photo for augmented reality , as does Google Googles .

Download Translator ( Free )

# 7 Skype

Skype is one of the most used programs to communicate over the Internet . Since Microsoft bought it two years ago , users of Hotmail and Outlook found on this platform the successor of Messenger.

So far the marriage between the two companies working perfectly , especially if used for video calls . Skype has 10 years of history and has become a large network where communication knows no limits except those which puts the Premium version .

Download Skype (free)

# 8 Skydrive

Skydrive takes little time online. All dispositivoscon Windows operating system have its own cloud that manages and saves files by email Hotmail or Outlook. You get about seven gigabytes of storage, enough to store images and documents.

Also can modifcar Skydrive when and how you want . Changes you make from your Windows Phone instantly synced in the cloud , so when you access from your computer you will find all the documents in place.

Download Skydrive (free)

# 9 Bing Weather

Bing Weather
Bing Weather is one of the exclusives on this list of the best applications for Windows Phone. You'll know the time it will do in the next few hours , days or weeks. Includes images and weather maps, you can easily customize the places that interest you .

If you find it easier , access the forecast for your input menu . From here you can have a quick view of all available in your area forecasts and maps provided for each day.

Download Bing Weather ( Free )

# 10 Accuweather

Bing Weather If you do not like or want a second opinion about the weather, you can download Accuweather . This application will tell you the weather condition worldwide updated hourly , with forecasts for a period of 72 hours, day and night and information to 15 days ahead .

Accuweather also alerts you when upcoming extreme conditions around the world , all presented on a screen with animations.

Download Accuweather (free)

# 11 HERE maps

maps HERE
HERE Maps is mapping application that will guide you in your terminal Windows. Boasts very competent compared to its rivals , on par with Google Maps and Apple Maps, especially after the lapse of the latter.

It works pretty well , with precision navigation mode and the possibility that a realistic view of your position as an augmented reality, as if utilizases Google Street View.

Download HERE Maps ( free)

# 12 Deezer

Deezer is an app for Windows Phone that can replace Spotify. Your server hosts more than 25 million songs, you can listen without time limit . Being a cloud service , you can enjoy your songs anytime and from any device.

Another of the benefits of Deezer is that you can listen to any station via streaming , view the selection of news and publishers also have at your disposal your personal library without connecting .

Download Deezer (free)

# 13 Bing News

Bing News
Windows Phone also has its own app news : Bing News. With it you will be informed of everything that happens today. The most important information every day brings images and videos gallery for further details .

Also, you can specify your preferences to inform according to the subject and not miss any of the news Ășltmas your favorite sections . If you want a higher contrast, this also allows you to search in other media , both Spanish and international information that appeal to you most .

Download Bing News ( free)

# 14 Four Square

Discover a new website has prize Foursquare. Do not know this social network? The more adventurous or those seeking a culinary novelty in this application are a challenge and a guide to get around any city, as it is present worldwide .

It is designed for phones, and now your Windows Phone , you can go out in search of your favorite establishment , review or recommend it to friends . The challenge of this application is its achievement system.

For every review and register new location you will have more points to increase your reputation. So will achieve to be a reference for other users . Go out and meet with your city Foursquare .

Download Four Square ( free)

# 15 Evernote

Create virtual notes with Evernote. Sign up on their website, download the application and keep all your notes in simple reminders to not be forgotten . As is in the cloud , you can access this service from any device, save and recall your notes when needed.

Evernote lets you save voice notes. Thus, fleeting thoughts never escape.

Download Evernote (free)

# 16 Zuma's Revenge

Zuma's Revenge
In this list of the best Windows Phone apps could not miss games. One is the Zuma's Revenge , which fall into the category of the most addictive games. Your duty is to prevent the row of balls arrives not through and this will have to match three or more of the same color.

Improvements are instantaneous but have a time limit , so aprovéchalas . It has 60 levels and you can connect with XBOX achievements .

Download Zuma's Revenge (2.99 € )

# 17 Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run
Legend platforms Ubisoft cited in your Windows Phone : Rayman Jungle Run . Over 50 stages have to prove your skills by jumping , running and dropping Smite all enemies that cross your path .

Each level will be more difficult than the last , but quiet , Rayman has a wide range of improvements. Helicopter, run across the wall or punching things you provide in Rayman Jungle Run, but your ability that will determine success.

Download Rayman Jungle Run (2.99 € )

# 18 Angry Birds

Angry Birds
Angry Birds Rovio is also part of this list of apps for Windows Phone. The game Rovio 's bird , which has received so much success coming to your terminal at the price of 0.99 on all versions. All of them work with the XBOX system , so you will have achievements and GamerPoints in abundance, not to mention the fun that this title exudes wit .

Download Angry Birds ( € 0.99)

# 19 Asphalt 7

Asphalt 7
If you want a good racing game , Asphalt 7 is what you're looking for. Gameloft Saga is the most recognized within the genus speed and mobile devices. Its graphics are great, with a variety of effects. Will you stay glued to the screen with the tunnel effect circulating at high speeds, when the ' nitrous ' is enabled.

In your garage you will find 60 car brands such as Audi, Mercedes , Ferrari, Lamborghini ... They burn wheel available in 15 circuits . Also in Asphalt 7 you can play in 6 different game modes , including a multiplayer mode where you can chat with other players in games of all against all or cooperative .

Download Asphalt 7 ( € 0.99)

# 20 Halo Spartan Assault

Halo Spartan Assault
The success of XBOX not be understood without the Halo saga, and for devices with Windows operating system there are games of this legendary series . Habamos Halo Spartan Assault , with top view shooter in which you explore the origin of the Spartan Ops program.

The Convenant can be prepared, because they will receive not only a great time with the rifle and magnum , also with the Skorpion or Ghost vehicles among others. Do you accept the challenge of the program Spartan Halo Spartan Assault ? .

Download Halo Spartan Assault (6.49 € )