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Best 5 pranks to do to the owners of an iPhone

Zak Ben - Tuesday, March 11, 2014
The Best 5 pranks to do to the owners of an iPhone
What are the most incredible tricks you can make your iPhone friends?!? Let's find out together: here are 5 really scream! Enjoy the show!

Top Best 5 pranks to do to the owners of an iPhone

5. Invert colors

Although there may seem trivial, are many iPhone owners who do not know the trick be inverted colors! So, go to settings, reverse the colors of the iPhone of your friend, and ... that's it! Who knows what they think happened!

4. Touchscreen not working

Save it on the home screen of the iPhone of the victim, and then hide all the icons that are located on the home page to another or in a folder, you'll have to obviously hide it well. Then, set the screenshot you took a little while ago as wallpaper in the home! And here you have a sea of ​​icons ... incliccabili!

3. The infinity message

Imagine the scene: a friend of yours, the poor unsuspecting victim, is located in front of your message, or forward to a very important person for him, and ... continue to see that person continues to write, as if writing something important message ... infinite! What's the trick? Through this link , you can save the icon in sending the message, and send it by post! It will be a real torture for him!

2. Autocorret

Photo: Justin August  - Many of you may have already tried this trick, without a shadow of a doubt, as you well know, you can change the so-called shortcuts within the iPhone settings, so if you change a few words very common device of a friend , it is very likely that this is not noticing, and that sends messages from the meaning somewhat ambiguous!

1. The guided access

In the first place, really a joke among the bastards that you can do by enabling access on the iPhone led to a friend of yours, you will ensure that it remains literally trapped on any app! Imagine the scene: after turning on Spotify, the music starts, during a university lecture, or in classroom at school, or at the cinema ... and your friend will never turn off the phone, only you'll have the code to do it! You decide what should go on the joke!