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Top 10 Best Golden Globe 2014 Gif

Zak Ben - Sunday, March 09, 2014
As usual, during the award ceremony there have been all kinds of comic moments. Here are the must-see gif

Ever since the American Awards are the right 0ccasione to get a lot of laughs, especially when on stage there are the personalities of the show. Between red carpet and stage itself, here are the best most funny gif of these Golden Globe 2014 you need to see.

Top 10 Best most funny gif of these Golden Globe 2014

Elizabeth Moss, a young rebel

Lena Dunham does not approve

Check Taylor Swift, you're doing it the right way

That's a real love

Review of Gravity by Tina Fey

Tom Hanks literally in tears

"Shoes? To hell with your shoes! "

Jennifer not imagined in no way to be among the award-winning

Bonjour finesse

... but Bono does not trust