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Top 10 Most Famous Gangster of History All Time

Zak Ben - Tuesday, March 25, 2014
A dip in the history of organized crime: here is the story of top 10 gangsters, no doubt among the most dangerous of all time! How many of these have already heard? Enjoy everyone!

Top 10 Most Famous Gangster of History All Time

10. John Dillinger

During his lifetime, John Dillinger was involved in several major crimes. Among them are about 25 bank robberies and the killing of several people in East Chicago in the state of Indiana, USA. And 'known as the most notorious criminal in the country: organized crime and many fought openly against the FBI.

9. Frank Costello

Also known as the "Prime Minister, Frank Costello was an Italian criminal and crime boss who was also one of the most notorious leaders of the Mafia in the United States, particularly in New York. E 'was also the head of the Lower East Side of Manhattan Gang while working for another gang, one of Morello. Costello, Lucky Luciano, joined the Sicilian mafia and was involved in operations of rum production.

8. Arnold Rothstein

Arnold Rothstein was a businessman and a gambler : he organized the corruption of the professional athletic organizations, including the World Series that ran in 1919, a scandal well and good that led to his suspension from professional baseball for life of eight players. He created and ran a casino, and was involved in different practices of smuggling along the Hudson River and in the Great Lakes.

7. Enoch Johnson

Judging by the face, might seem an ordinary person, an honest man. Instead, Enoch Johnson is known as the leader of the political machine that controlled the governments of Atlantic City and Atlantic County : he was elected as the new sheriff of Atlantic County Committee Mexican Republic, and checked an organization involved in a vast prostitution and gambling d 'gamble. In fact, he was a supporter of the defect in the U.S..

6. Billy The Kid

Also known as Henry Antrim, Billi the Kid was a gangster who was killed at the age of 21, and according to legend he killed, in fact, 21 people, one for each year of his life . He was involved in the war in the County of Lincoln, and it was there that he attracted attention for his unparalleled skill in handling firearms. Also stole many horses and cattle. According to some sources, Billy killed only those who believed that he deserved to be killed!

5. Jesse James

Jesse Woodson James was the leader of a gang that was involved in some of the biggest bank robberies in history, but was also in charge of murders and assaults on trains. His band was called James - Younger Gang. Many have called him a modern version of Robin Hood!

4. Griselda White

Have you ever heard of this woman? Her name is Griselda Blanco, and is known worldwide as the godmother or as the queen of cocaine in Miami. overrode the trade of this drug, in fact, even though as a teenager he was a pickpocket and prostitute. Do you think that after they ended up in prison, it is equally able to manage his business!

3. Lucky Luciano

In third place, Lucky Luciano, and for those who do not know it was an American gangster known as the father of modern organized crime in the United States of America. was he responsible for the division of the country into five families mafose, and it was he who set up before the Commission in the United States. It 'was head of the Genovese crime family!

2. Al Capone

Better known as Scarface, Al Capone was an American gangster with Italian origins. A lot of you interested to know that his real name is "Caponi," which, however, was misspelled when he emigrated to the United States. Since his youth, he became a member of a famous criminal gang in New York, and undertook various illegal activities including several corrupt members of government. A few days before his death, he led a Prohibition-era crime syndicate and was taken behind bars because of allegations of tax evasion!

1. Pablo Escobar

Scores could not be him, Pablo Escobar, the Colombian gangster known for being the undisputed master of the cocaine trade in the world. To achieve its goals and maintain dominance of its activities, has killed thousands of people around the world. He drove for years one of the most powerful and most feared criminal organizations in history, and could control the airlines, bands of soldiers and a large number of criminals and assassins, which was out by police officers who tried to get in its tracks. Below is a photo of Andres Parra, a Colombian actor who played the role of Escobar in a TV series centered on this character.