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Top 20 Truth about tupac's conspiracy death illuminati theory

Zak Ben - Thursday, March 20, 2014
On this page I wanted to give explanations to some theories that suggests that Tupac had faked his death. Theories that I didn't want to put on this list in the section "theories of false death" are either already been clarified or too useless to explain.

Top 20 Truth about tupac's conspiracy death illuminati theory

1. There has never been a suspect for murder in the shootout.
Explanation: According to surveys may be also involved corrupt police who may have done many tests disappear. Without forgetting that there have been allegations both to the Crips and both Olrando Anderson but due to lack of evidence.

2. Tupac died on Friday 13, which according to tradition is a bringer of misfortune, as well as for us is Friday 17.
Explanation: It is possible that the CAP can design everything to make it happen just on Friday 13 one day like so many others, except for the most avid superstitious? And if yes, why? To give clue that is alive?

3. has never been released a photograph of Tupac to the hospital, although there remained for six days, much less a picture taken shortly after the shooting, although Las Vegas is an almost compulsory step for all tourists in the United States.
Explanation: I don't think the family in those days was interested to let journalists into the room of Pac for almost photograph while he was dying. The shootout occurred in a few seconds, after that Suge has made an inverisone to "U" to bring the CAP into the hospital, I don't think you would have stopped to give a photo a few tourists, not to mention that everything happened at an intersection and not a street where I bring walking the dog and take pictures at the vip pass ...

4. Tupac was cremated the day after the date of his death, his body was carried on a ballistic examination and also you are not even sure that an autopsy has been performed: given that it is illegal to cremate the body of a deceased person for murder without performing exams, the only thing certain is that if indeed there was a lifeless body, it was made to disappear quickly.
Explanation: Indeed, according to a finding there was an autopsy on the body even if you do not know whether it is true or false

5. a few days after the death, spread the rumor that reporters would be strictly forbidden access to Tupac's funeral; However both were mysteriously canceled the ceremony in Los Angeles, is in Atlanta.
Explanation: Even here I put myself in the shoes of the family. I don't think that the funeral would come of journalists ready to ask questions looking for answers and scoop at a time of immense grief

6. The white Cadillac of the killers have never been found: how is it possible if Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert?
Explanation: But forget a particular, Many American cities are in the hands of two main gangs the Crips and Blood. Each of these large gang has thousands of posts within a city where hide cars, money and weapons, if found all these things for the police was a walk and maybe thousands applies as Tupac would be resolved. So the machine can be brought into a depot belonging to the Crips without leaving the city.

7. have not been used helicopters to hunt down the bombers, while machine would be definitely employed if someone manages a casino robbery.
Explanation: Now think, they shot Tupac, a simple black rapper known as can be today Dre, Dmx and other, mica have shot US President. According to you the whole town had to move because they had shot a black rapper?

8. shots were fired towards the Bmw: when Tupac noticed the attack tried to shelter leap towards the rear seats, exposing his chest that was hit by five bullets. Suge Knight was only hit by smear by a bullet, as you can if the shooting was so hectic that Suge was not seriously affected?
Explanation: The attackers fired into the side where he sat Tupac. Tupac was shot because I try to go in the back seat along the left side. This explains why the bullets struck multiple PACs that Suge who in the meantime had repaired lowering and unwittingly covering with the Pac that the body made by being in front of his shield

9. In an interview before his death, Tupac says it wants to stop singing and being a gangsta and you want to remove from the limelight. How can I do this? Making believe to be dead.
Explanation: What falsissima. Pac stated often that he wanted to stop making rap for full-time care of various projects he had in mind, how to build a Centre for young people and be an actor

10. in December 1999, the album was released by Tupac "Still I Rise". Track number 11 is entitled "Killuminati". Tupac song says: "Now Biggie is dead ... it's hard to kill a black man because I'm back like Jesus ..." Biggie died on March 9, 1997, then after Tupac!
Explanation: Here we talk about rapper and feuds. Many rappers use the phrase "dude is dead" as a synonym for "I'm stronger" or "I am better and you're not anyone". Here we talk about a mutual hatred between Pac and Big I do not say that you have never uttered the phrase "if I take that died"?!

11. The aforementioned CD cover depicts Tupac crucified on a cross which has five holes, the same which has undergone Tupac during the shootout.
Explanation: If I'm not mistaken the album was released a month after the death. The cover art is a symbol which indicates that Pac is dead, wounded by bullets 5 but then how Jesus is risen. Not to mention that even in the first 94 bombing was shot 5 times. So this does not make sense since the cover of an album released after his death could get what they wanted

12. in the album "the 7th day" theory "inside the CD cover is referred to as" Simon "executive producer. Given that there is no "Simon" in Death Row Records, we all know that Tupac's producer at the time was Marion "Suge" Knight. In the Bible, Simone is an apostle of Jesus, and it is also one of the first witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus and helped him carry the cross. It is possible that Suge is likened to Simon.
Explanation: Pac spoke often of his resurrection into Makaveli, and Suge who helped him get out of jail was the first to be near the CAP when I change name and released the album The Don Killuminati under the name Makaveli

13. the album "Until the end of time", released in March 2001, is made entirely of tracks that have too much current sound; for instance the last type work of Dr. DRE. They are also too accurate work to think that Tupac had binned when he was still alive.
Explanation: Remember that many pieces of Pac registered in original form when he was alive were changed with other bases made in various posthumous output if you seek on the internet you will find many originals (OG) other than exit after death.

14. In "Seasoned Veteran", the album of Riche Rich released the same day of "The 7th Day" Theory ", is a Duet with Tupac which is called" Niggas done changed ". Tupac says: "I've been shot and murdered, can't tell you how it happened word for word/but best believe that niggas gonna get what they deserve ..." (I shot and murdered, can't explain how it happened Word for Word/but you'd better believe that black people always have what you deserve ...); It seems almost as if Tupac knew he would die under mysterious circumstances. .
Explanation: Also I would have half the East coast against and you will receive death threats every day I was reminded of a single question, "How will I live?".

15. In Tupac's song "Ambizions az a ridah" says: "Blasted me but they didn't finish, didn't diminish my powers so I'm back to be a muthafuckin ' menace, they cowards that's why they tried to set me up, bitch-ass niggas on my team so indeed they wet me up, But I'm back REINCARNATED." (I have attached but I have finished, have not lessened my power and I'm back to being a fucking menace, they are cowards and that is why they tried to settle down, I have traitors in the squad and in truth I was scared, but I'm back REINCARNATED!).
Explanation: The first attack of 1994

16. in the song "Made Niggaz" on the soundtrack of "Supercop" and "Gang related" Tupac says: "Fuck 'em all who can't understand my plot to get richer." (fuck all those who do not understand my plan to become richer ...).
Explanation: Or maybe it means to become an actor and rapper also said to profit from the feud with Big??? Mica was the idiot boy!

17. in the song "Ain't hard 2 find" on the album "All eyez on me" there is the following verse: "I heard rumors that I died, murdered in cold blood, tramatized pictures of me in my final states, you know mama cried, but that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted, Like I no longer existed, mysteriously missing, But I'm worldwide baby, I ain't hard 2 find" (I have heard rumors that say they are dead, murdered in cold blood, traumatized me Terminal State, you know Mama cried, but it is just fiction, some coward got the story turned inside out, as if you don't exist anymore, mysteriously disappeared, but I'm worldwide baby, are not hard to find). It seems almost as if Tupac has predicted the future. In the same song says: "You tried to play me, now homicide is my only payment" (have you tried to get me around, now murder is my only form of payment). Biggie tried to tease?
Explanation: Here, too, speaks of the first attack in 1994

18. In "Against all odds" Tupac says: "I disappeared into the crowd, all you seen were troops" (disappeared into the crowd, the only thing you see are the cops). This is in a nutshell what happened after the night of 7 September 1996. Then he says: "Gunshots to Tut, now you stuck" (fire to Tut, and now you're in trouble). Walter "king tut" Jhonson was one of three men (the others were Hatian Jack and Jimmy Henchmen) who shot Tupac in 1994 and robbed him. Later, in the hospital, Tut called Tupac to ask what there was still alive and to inform him that he would bring to the job; that's why Tupac left the hospital so quickly. King Tut was murdered in January 1997, shot at a restaurant.
Explanation: 1994 bombing

19. in the song "Hit 'em up" to the third verse says: "five shots couldn't drop me, I took it and smiled" (five strokes can't bring me down, I took it and I smile); watch case Tupac was shot five times. In the same song during the chorus says: "Who shot me but ya punks didn't fnish installation, now ya bout to feel the wrath of a menace" (who shot me, but your Goons I haven't finished, and now you have to feel the wrath of a threat).
Explanation: The 1994 bombing, also was hit by 5 bullets

20. "I ain't Mad At Cha" was the last recorded video with the name of Tupac, and only a few days before his death. The next video, created under the name Makaveli, was "Toss it up", and then "To Live And Die In L.A. But when can you shot these videos if after turning to" I ain't Mad At Cha "is dead?.
Explanation: These videos are all shot in Los Angeles, same cars, same clothes, same scenarios. Were shot in a short period of time and not in order of release of the album. I.e. PRIZM may have been filmed before "I ain't Mad At Cha. In rap, these things happen. For example, "All About you" was filmed in 1996 and released in 1998 with the greatest hits.