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Zak Ben - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Friends, summer is coming and let's face it: it is not time to do the difficult. If you are holding a man, a decent minimum, a little 'pricey, but even one that breathes , you really can not afford to let you escape. Mica want to spend summer vacation alone? For this we went to look for those good tips once to some may seem sexist, but in reality are real evergreen (Some of these are the same people who Belen distributes to girls who write to me How I wish) let us know if you have come in handy!


1. Do not be too sentimental. The man does not want to externalize their feelings and their kindness in public so avoid expect him to be more tender than what it is. Especially in public. Do not give pat, carezzine and do not ask him the story of his childhood while you're at the restaurant. Rather make sure that you tell her bravado and bluster with friends. Will help you to feel like a real man.

2. Cease to apply make-up in his rearview mirror : that's not the reason why it was invented. The driver uses the rearview mirror to see what happens in the street behind him, try not to make things difficult by moving the mirror.

3. Did not do the tomboy . There is no better way to escape a man behave like a tomboy. Be women in the way they sit, let open the door, go into the bathroom to put the powder, not ciancicate gum with his mouth open, do not you eat your nails, do not wear socks.

4. When will come to your home for a hot date find yourself ready. It is nice to welcome a man and show them how you are while you are beautiful. With your man you can not share some secrets as: poo, aerophagia, the gurgles of hunger, pimples, waxing, hairstyle, and any one of the female domestic activities (ironing, washing dishes, etc. ..)

5. Men do not like girls who do spend time looking in the mirror. if you need to put the lipstick, fix your hair or face powder on the nose, go to the bathroom. Do it away from his eyes. Gosh!

6. Do not talk while dancing. dancing men just want to dance, do not listen to your talk.

7. NEVER Do not go out without a bra! And 'something really vulgar and rude! if your breast is abundant and support needs do not forget to wear a brassiere, so attention to socks that are not laddered or damaged.

8. Do not be too affectionate in public. caressed not in public as if there was any tender among you. Be discreet so as not to embarrass him.

9. When you are with him do not get distracted by other people. Your man deserves your full attention.

10. Will not put you to talk about clothes , hair and make-up with a man. What a bore! It is better to remain silent in certain cases?