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100 Best Scariest Horror Movies To Watch (List)

Zak Ben - Thursday, April 03, 2014

And let's talk about top best horror movies you need to watch, with the ranking of the 100 best most beautiful horror movies according to the website TopBestBox . I am posting from 100 to 11 degrees and then only as the top10 with the reasons. Find out who will be there with me to the summit.

And tell me if you agree or rather what movie you'd put it.

Top 100 Best Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time to watch List:

100) Ghosts (directed by Don Coscarelli) 
99) Juan of the Dead 
98) Candyman 
97) [REC] 2 
96) Theater of Blood (Vincent Price) 
95) Severance 
94) Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors 
93) Black Christmas - Black Christmas (1974) 
92) From Dusk Till Dawn 
91) Who Can Kill a Child?
90) Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil 
89) Gremlins 
88) Dog Soldiers 
87) Zombie - Dawn of the Dead (2004) 
86) The Revenge of Halloween (Trick 'r Treat) 
85) The Loved Ones 
84) Identity 
83) Cannibal Holocaust 
82) Insidious 
81) Suspiria 1977
80) Frailty 
79) 28 Weeks Later 
78) The Ring 
77) Repulsion 
76) Zombieland 
75) Cabin Fever 
74) Diabolique (Les diaboliques) - 1955 
73) The Mist 
72) Triangle 
71) It films
70) In the Mouth of Madness (1994)
69) They Live 1988
68) The Devil's Backbone 2001
67) Nosferatu (FW Murnau) - 1922 
66) The Omen (1976) 
65) Drag Me To Hell 
64) The Wicker Man (1973) 
63) Slither 
62) Ju-On 
61) I Saw The Devil 
60) Henry, rain of blood 
59) Two Sisters 
58) Final Destination 
57) Hellraiser 
56) The Birds (1963)
55) The Bride of Frankenstein 
54) Paranormal Activity 
53) Army of Darkness 
52) Funny Games (2007)
51) Saw 
50) Misery 
49) Re-Animator 
48) Videodrome 
47) Shaun of the Dead 
46) Martyrs 
45) Braindead (film) 
44) Let the Right One In
43) The Orphanage 
42) Child's Play 
41) The return of the dead living 
40) Dracula (1931, directed by Tod Browning with Bela Lugosi) 
39) The Night of the Hunter 
38) Behind the Mask - Life of a serial killer 
37) High Voltage 
36) Deep Red 
35) The House (1981 Sam Raimi) 
34) The Sixth Sense 
33) [REC] 
32) The Cabin in the woods 
31) Audition 
30) Scream 
29) The Hills Have Eyes (1977) 
28) Zombi 2 (Lucio Fulci) 
27) Se7en 
26) Moscow 
25) Zombie - Dawn of the Dead 
24) Ring 
23) An American Werewolf in London 
22) The Descent 
21) Carrie 
20) The Blair Witch Project 
19) The Silence of the Lambs 
18) 28 Days Later 
17) Frankenstein (James Whale with Boris Karloff - 1931) 
16) Friday the 13th 
15) The House 2 
14) Jaws 
13) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) 
12) Night of the Living Dead (1968 - Romero) 
11) Poltergeist

10) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

If the recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D has had at least one positive effect was to remind us how scary the movie was revolutionary and original Tobe Hooper. John Carpenter has praised the influence of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on his work and on the slasher genre in general; Texas Chainsaw Massacre was one of the first to use a group of teenagers chased by faceless terror and had the last word time. While his terrible sequels and remakes have focused on the gore, Hooper is based on building an atmosphere that makes you uncomfortable and keeps his audience in a state of sheer terror for 80 minutes. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is also based on a simple fact: the idea of the story to be completely true is a lie, but it is true that the movie is based on a real story. Serial Killings, exhumed bodies and masks made ​​of human skin were things closely related to the serial killer Ed Gein and Hooper plays on the public's knowledge of the case. But what makes Texas Chainsaw Massacre really terrifying is the fact that there is no logic in what Leatherface and his family are doing, there is no explanation, there is no background. It 'simply terrifying.

9) The Others

Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar's movie is one of the examples of superlatives "revelation" the most satisfying movie history and has been repeated many times since then, but the results were much less positive. Care at all times, down to the smallest detail, it really takes to inflate the effectiveness of the final. Highlighted by a towering performance and retention of Nicole Kidman and driven by a mood perpetually disturbing, The Others is great, not because of shock or gore or creatures or appearances, but it is a rare example of how to really harass the public.

8) The Shining

Taking the bones of the novel by Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick has filled in the blanks with endless twists, a broken dialogue, characters that may not exist and a mysterious portrait of an artist dips his brush in the ink of the time. Jack Nicholson, in what is perhaps his best role to date, plays Jack Torrance, a writer alcoholic who drags his family in an isolated hotel, The Overlook, to the custodian for the winter. Shelley Duvall, his face more rubbery movie, she plays his wife, Wendy, and spends her time taking care of their son Danny, whose " shining "coincides with the emerging madness of his father. Without logic, anything can happen in this haunted hotel, which makes the oddities that Kubrick chose even more intriguing. Prior to production the director showed the cast and crew Eraserhead David Lynch to set the tone that the movie had to have. Thirty years after the movie continues to inspire theories, debates and conspiracies, like the entire documentary titled Room 237 .

7) The Exorcist

Directed by Master William Friedkin and starring Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Max von Sydow and Jason Miller, this classic horror creates its chilling terror transforming into something so sweet Regan clearly unnatural images that haunt us for days, weeks and years later viewing. Many stories of possession were transported on the big screen, but none has reached the level of The Exorcist .

6) The Thing (1982 film)

John Carpenter has made ​​a series of movies that influenced the action genre that is horror, but The Thing is a crowning achievement of his career. There are so many things to note: including the performance of Kurt Russell and special effects by Stan Winston and Rob Bottin. Thing is amazing, I could watch this movie all day and every day, it's probably my favorite horror movie of all time. If you've somehow lost this artwork, stop reading now and do not finish off our list until you've watched the movie from beginning to end. Trust me, there's a reason this movie is one of the few horror movies labeled as a "must see".

5) Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby is a story about paranoia, motherhood and the Antichrist, an actor who sells his wife's body to Satan to succeed in their careers. Polanski focuses on the victim, the mother begins to believe that she was raped and impregnated by Satan. Much of the horror is psychological: Rosemary is slowly becoming paranoid or crazy? Or is about to give birth to the Antichrist? An absurd sense of humor pervades the movie, making it unnerving. The final scene has a strange sense of triumph.

4) Halloween

What we have here is the grandfather of all slasher horror movie. Myers kills without reason and without pity, it is simply because he's a terrifying monster without a face on which anyone can project their own fears. Do not have the sense of humor of Freddy, it's a killing machine and his hunting Laurie Strode is incredibly terrible and brutal. The original is still a perfect example of how to create terror. Every Halloween night, I find myself still checking the doors and windows, because you never know ...

3) Nightmare

How can we speak of the greatest horror movie and leave out the name of Wes Craven , and most important of the villain Freddy Krueger? And 'the incarnation of evil, an unstoppable killing machine that strikes when we are most vulnerable. Nightmare is nothing short of a classic must-see, is a masterpiece of the horror genre adored by fans.

2) Alien

Claustrophobic, suffocating and mysterious. Alien by Ridley Scott certainly has the best slogan of the movie ("In space no one can hear you scream"), has a perfect monster and introduced Ellen Ripley Sigourney Weaver. Unless you've been in a coma since the end of the '70s, you know that Alien contains probably the most horrible sequence to the human race, in the form of a little "accident" during dinner. It 'also fun because only John Hurt knew what would happen, others (especially Ian Holm) knew the scene in outline, and the reactions are natural. A movie triumphant and dazzling.

1) Psycho

No one can manipulate the audience's sympathy and generate suspense like Alfred Hitchcock, and many acknowledge Psycho as his masterpiece. Combine pathos, humor and gore or terror without falling into sentimentality. The guy on the door, the house on the hill, the famous score by Bernard Herrmann and Marion Crane come together in a perfect symphony of terror. Some scenes of the movie are often imitated, such as murder shower scene, but a few bad guys are scary as Mother Bates. Psycho relies on evocative moments (like Janet Leigh naked in the shower or Arbogast going up the upstairs of the house) to generate terror.