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20 Best Splatter Movies Of All Time

Zak Ben - Sunday, April 27, 2014

Horror movies to splatter colour must have a clear enough narrative predominant: blood.

Hectolitres of plasma, tons of tomato sauce, columns of organic substance flowing copious along the film, becoming poetry to the eyeballs of lovers of the genre, in need of tragi-comic effect, alienating, sweet no visually.

To you one Michael for viewers of the discerning horror with a roundup of the best splatter, with trailer and gruesome scenes for strong stomachs only.

Good vision and good digestion.

Top 20 Best Splatter Movies Of All Time 

1. Evil Dead by Sam Raimi-1982

2. Bad Taste by Peter Jackson-1987

3. Day of the Dead by George a. Romero-1985

4. Braindead/Dead Alive by Peter Jackson-1992

5. Re-Animator by Stuart Gordon – 1985

6. Nekromantik by Jörg Buttgereit-1987

7. The thing by John Carpenter-1982

8. Audition” (オーディション, Ōdishon) by Takashi Miike - 1999

9. The Last House on the Left by Wes Craven, 1972

10. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre by Tobe Hooper-1974

11. Inside (2007 film) by Alexandre Bustillo e Julien Maury

12. Hostel by Eli Roth - 2005

13. The Beyond (film) Bye Lucio Fulcio 1981

14. demons by Lamberto Bava (1985)

15. The Fly by David Cronenberg - 1986

16. The Wizard of Gore By Herschell Gordon Lewis - 1970

17. Street Trash by Jim Wall-1987

18. Martyrs by Pascal Laugier-2008

19. Tenebrae by Dario Argento-1982

20. Maniac by William Lustig-1980