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5 Best Shoes For Running a Marathon 2014

Zak Ben - Thursday, April 10, 2014

According to the readers of the top 5 best running shoes !
The year draws to a close, and it's budget time for this latest blog, which slowly gathers more and more readers (thanks, it's a great satisfaction). Behold, then, what were the seven most read post of the year, namely the footwear most racing have aroused your curiosity and aroused your interest. Ready?

Top 5 Best Shoes For Running a Marathon 2014

5. Best Running Shoes for Women/men 2014

Adidas Energy Boost

Always in October, I reviewed the shoes – this time for "road runner" or runners on track – which occupies the fifth place: Adidas Energy Boost. It too is a shoes especially because it presents an innovative cushioning system, constituted, i.e., from micro-tubes instead of honeycomb from a foam midsole, which should offer greater reactivity to the race .

4. Best Running Shoes for Women/men 2014

Nike Free 3.0

In fourth placecame "finally" a shoe from natural running, that seems to be the trend of the moment, how much interest would seem to confirm: Nike Free 3.0 +. Extremely flexible, thanks to the deep channels of enveloping and sole with drop down, this shoe promises an instinctive and race – in fact – natural. I have spoken to November.

3. Best Running Shoes for Women/men 2014

Hoka One One Mafate 3 One One

The last step of the podium is occupied by a surprise, at least to me: the Hoka One One Mafate 3 One One. Definitely a little high-end, maybe these shoes trail running catch for the extra cushioning and protection they offer, for the reputation that you are creating or simply because I am very curious! These have appeared in a November post.

2. Best Running Shoes for Women/men 2014

Asics GEL Kayano 20

The silver medal goes to a veritable institution in the world of running shoes: Asics GEL 20 Adeniyi,cushioned founded in 1993 to offer the maximum of comfort and safety in long runs on the road. Considering how recently I mentioned (two weeks ago) and now should be known as a model on the square for twenty years, the fact that it is the second most read article of the year speaks volumes about how much this footwear is loved by runner .

1. Best Running Shoes for Women/men 2014

Mizuno Wave Enigma 3

Conquer the highest position in this ranking another brand market leader of running, with a recent model that seems to already be a "must have" ... or at least a "must try", since "footer do not command", as I explain in my guide to buying online shoes: Mizuno, with Mizuno Wave Enigma 3. Shoes is depreciated and protective, but even more fluffy and light of the most famous "sisters" Rider.