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5 illegal business that is not expected to be so incredibly popular

Zak Ben - Monday, April 28, 2014
Here are those that we believe are the illegal business the scariest and amazing as always: enjoy!

Top 5 illegal business that is not expected to be so incredibly popular

5. Monkeys

Seems incredible, yet among the 5 illegal business that we today there is also that of apes, and also includes our country: in fact, for example, recently came one of the biggest loads ever imported into Italy aboard a Tir: ben 900 monkeys, divided into different parts, from 150 each. All macaques, but that traffic also includes orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, tango, etc. The aim is obviously to use animals for scientific research and experiments.

4. snake skin

Believe it or not, every year the snake skins like Python are trafficked illegally in unimaginable numbers: a multi-billion dollar market! Of course, involves the fashion of luxury, and Italy is involved in first person given his leading role in the fashion market: our country is the main worldwide market for reptile skins!

3. Semen

In recent years, sperm is literally rocketed through the use of the internet: Despite this to some of you may seem like a positive factor, especially for those with fertility problems, it is a problem more than serious, given that donors do not undergo medical checks before donating, and do not know the standard behind this operation. Nor do you have any idea how many infections can be transmitted through human sperm!

2. Caviar

Especially during the Christmas period, the black market caviar makes its appearance, because caviar is one of the most popular food is to bring to the table that gift in gift baskets. The delicious and expensive ROE imperil every year sturgeon populations, especially those who live in the basin of the Danube. One of them, as if that were not enough, is endangered. Every year are seized dozens of kilograms of illegal caviar, from countries such as Bulgaria and Romania.

1. Babies

The infant does not mention traffic stop: China is one of the protagonists of this black market out of all logic. Even online, was managed as if it were the sale of clothing, etc. Some time ago the Chinese police managed to arrest more than a thousand people, who ran the traffic throughout the country, which included also civil servants, whose task was to provide false permissions for adoption. But where we will end up?!?