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5 Worst Torture Methods In History

Zak Ben - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The worst torture in the world? If you think some beauty treatments or your mother that merciless vacuuming careless of your Sunday morning hangover are colossal torture more animals that exist, think again. These methods of torture used in various places in the world have to do accaponare skin. Ready to discover them? 

Top 5 Most Brutal Torture Techniques Ever Devised

The Torture of Fingernail . This method of torture was used in Persia and consisted in the removal of the nail with hot irons. If you get scared just snatch the idea of a cuticle, can you imagine evil! 

The Phone Tucker . Invented by a doctor in a prison (?), This torture is to tie a wire to the genitals of the victim and get an electric shock (aaaagh) by means of a crank telephone. Cute! Probably Amnesty International and Misery Bear would have something to say . 

The water table , or waterboard, is completely immobilizing the subject on a table, and then pay water on him continually. Not only is this poor man is being held on the edge of drowning, but it will break bones trying to wriggle to breathe. Ayaah 

The Nine Tails Cat , looks like a meme that makes you laugh, But it's not', is a horrible thing. The cat o 'nine tails whip is a multiple (ie, instead of having only one rope has, in fact, nine), and that in itself would be enough to make us cringe, but the nice thing (?) Is that at the end of each queue is a rusty nail or a piece of iron. Imagine. No I say, imagine. 

The Spit , in our opinion, the most terrible thing ever. It binds the victim's hands and feet horizontally on a stick, often iron heating element, so as to cause even more damage. This raises the stick and then the victim of a fire alive, but not high enough to set fire to the poor, instead burns very, very slowly.