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Top 10 Crazy Funny Religion In The World

Zak Ben - Monday, April 07, 2014

1) Jesucristohombre
José Luis de Jesús Miranda, this cute and a chubby ladies, is a direct descendant of Jesus Christ. Or, to use his words: "Jesus Christ Man". According to him, Jesus (the real one) had a pregnant wife who, after being widowed, has taken refuge in the United States (via France, Spain and Puerto Rico). After dozens of generations, that's come to light. Easy. Our José considering though, at the same time, the Antichrist, celebrates Christmas on 22 April and, to his followers, is tattooed the number 666. In short, you do not understand a shit, but eye laughing, we believe about 100 thousand people.

2) Scientology
He speaks a lot, but little is known. Humans are actually bodies owned by the "thetan". The thetan, incorporeal spirits, eternal and omniscient, seize from time to time of the bodies through "recruitment". It is precisely for this reason that humans would have potentially great powers (how to heal from any thought disorder). To liberate the powers, however, must be "auditing" (sort of a psychoanalytic session, where you use a Gizmo like this) and purification from trauma and negativity of the past, which limits our mental and physical capacity. Goal of everything? Level up, becoming perhaps "Operating Thetan of 8th grade". And then the Lord Xenu "space plane", bombs-H that paved the Earth millions of years ago and shut down its volcanoes. Scientology is all this and much more.

3) Mormons
1823 Joseph Smith, 17-year-old American in full adolescent disorders, wandering in the Woods, he sees the Angel Moroni. He sent God in person, to reveal the location of some gold plates on which its precepts are engraved. He translates them into English and founded the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. The rest is history. Other religions – it says God to Joseph – are abominations to be deleted, God lives on a distant planet named Kolob, Mary became pregnant by Jesus Christ after doing real sex with God the father. Bud Black is a curse. The biblical paradise was located where today there is the State of Missouri, caffeine is a demonic substance, blessed undergarments you can protect, in everyday life, by bullets, knives, and Satan. Should I continue?

4) Creation Museum
At Petersburg, this is a nice Museum to religious background, where animatronici puppets of cavemen and dinosaurs share quiet moments of prehistoric life. A giant Dork historic/scientific, at the base of which there is the literal interpretation (including commas) of the book of Genesis. It all goes back to the theories of "Young Earth Creationism", under which the paradise, the Earth and life were created (all together) between 5700 and 10,000 years ago. Nice niche, from which thousands of Americans each year come out convinced that if only they were born a few thousand years ago, they could have done this

5) the Church of euthanasia
The Earth's resources are limited, they can no longer sustain the entire human population. The only way left to humanity to survive is to reduce the number of people lives: by any means. Welcome to the Church of euthanasia. First (and only) commandment of this religion is not outlandish: procreate! The means to obey are the so-called "four pillars". In order (but not importance): sodomy, cannibalism, suicide and abortion. Not eager to join eh?!

6) Raelian
Many years ago an alien named Yahweh Elohim, aboard a space ship landed on Earth, bringing life. Humans – of its creation – are so deadly, but through genetic cloning, sooner or later, they will be able to achieve immortality. Here's the Raelianmovement, founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon: auto-ribattezzatosi "Rael". Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha? All "illuminati", commissioned by the aliens breed Elohim to spread their word on Earth. The hope of every believer is that the Elohim, extraterrestrials, intelligentissimi return on our planet as soon as possible, but this will happen if, and only if, the peace will triumph in the world.

7) Chen Tao
This religion, confused jumble of Buddhism, Christianity and worship of extraterrestrials, deserves a mention. Its unique priest and founder Hon-Ming Chen was the author, March 31, 1998, one of the most crap ruinous figures that the history of religious sects. According to the taiwanese religious the 31 March 1998, to twelve and one minute, God would appear throughout North America on a cable tv channel. Hon-Ming Chen gave us even to clarify that God would appear even if it had not renewed its pay-TV subscription! Of course not occurred, and then our, one click pride, offered to be crucified or stoned by their faithful. The latter, however, were limited to send him to do some ass.

8) worship Prince Philip
Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has divine origins and is worshipped as a God. Believe it is a tribal population of the island of Tanna, in Vanuatu. According to the Yaohnanen, the English nobleman would have human origins, but would rather "white-skinned son of the spirit of the mountain". And make it pretty darn seriously, so much so that, when Philip traveled to Vanuatu in 1974, was welcomed by some of them with expressions of genuine mystical devotion. Informed of the cult he was (and is still) object, the Prince gave the Yaohnanen a picture, by reinforcing the beliefs of the natives and receiving in return a cane da caccia "nal nal". Don't believe it? Ehm ...

9) Church of all worlds
A family religion, since to establish were the Reverend Timothy Zell and his wife Diana Moore, nominated by her husband, for the occasion, "high Priestess". After being renamed with two pseudonyms ridicoli (Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart) they put in black and white the Mission of the Church of all worlds and its faithful. It sounds more or less like this: encourage to create and recreate, rituals and myths of their natural life, honour and communicate with the divine and reflect its values. Whatever you want to say ...

10) Bible vs other books
A famous American comedian and television showman once said: "if from an early age, instead of the Bible, I did study for years the Beanstalk or Cinderella, now, as adults, you see the difference?". Behold, we understood ...