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Top 5 Best Books You Need To Read 2014

Zak Ben - Monday, April 07, 2014
Here are our recommendations on some interesting books and always remember that "Reading is good for the soul" and that "a man who reads it is two".

Top 5 Best Books You Need To Read 2014 List update

1. "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Tracy Chevalier

17TH-century Delft, a Protestant area of the city ... Griet, the young daughter of a tile, Decorator is in the kitchen, busy place, as is usual, the chopped vegetables, when very unusual voices heard. The door suddenly appear two figures: the painter Johannes Vermeer and his wife. Griet has sixteen and learns that day by the voice of his mother his fate: will service from Vermeer. This beautiful novel, a real masterpiece, tells the story of a passion ever expressed yet so powerful to change so inexorable fate and the personality of the characters, and all characters that are involved.

"Girl with a Pearl Earring" is one of the literary cases in the past ten years and launched to the general public a new season of the historical novel. The story of Johannes Vermeer, Dutch painter and Griet, a 16-year-old girl who does the cleaning in the atelier of artist without moving or bumping into anything, has become a global success and one lucky movie starring Scarlett Johansson. The intense relation of looks, sighs and unspoken phrases came up to us in the eyes and lips sensually offered de La girl with a turban, the enigmatic and beautiful portrait that has given birth to an unforgettable novel.

Tracy Chevalier was born in Washington. In 1984 she moved to England, where he worked extensively as an editor. His first novel is the Virgin (Neri Pozza, 2005). With Girl with a Pearl Earring (Neri Pozza, 2000) has obtained, in the many countries in which the book appeared, a huge success with audiences and critics. International bestsellers were also her subsequent novels: When angels fall (Neri Pozza, 2002), the Lady and the Unicorn (Neri Pozza, 2003) and innocence (Neri Pozza 2007).

2. "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer

This beautiful book is the original and popular fictional reinterpretation of the story of Cinderella, already sold in over 20 countries around the world. It is the first volume of the series YA Chronicles and creative Lunar debut novel of American author. The story unfolds in the future, 126 years after the Fourth World War and a long period of peace. The Moon is currently inhabited by a population able to influence people's minds and is governed by a wicked Queen-a successful villain-with sights on Earth; Asia is ruled by an emperor who must face the terrifying outbreak of letumosi, the Blue Fever, which kills without mercy.

We are a New Beijing, new Beijing. Cinder is a girl who, after an accident which has no memory, is saved with cybernetic implants. Orphan, is adopted by an inventor father, who has a wife, mother of two daughters, which becomes the little loving stepmother of Cinder. Cinder, very well built, is a great mechanic and supports the family (and because half cyborg, is also the town of serie B). "Repair" carry Cinder and Prince Kai, son of the Emperor, to know each other and closer (but he does not know that she is a cyborg).

Since then many things will happen, at a general level, Planetarium, medical, personal and romantic, intergalactic. Well-designed and are told with great sense of plot (I liked very much to foreign readers); among the many "things" there will also be a great plot twist (let's not forget the memory of Cinder holes ...). Guest reviews and comments on this sci-fi fable Americans are excellent.

Marissa Meyer (1984) has always been passionate about science fiction. Writes in his studio littered with items from vintage fairy tale (his favorite is a biscuit of Cinderella of the 1940s), but when I write looks too serious work remains to work in bed with his laptop and a cup of coffee. Lives in Tacoma, wash., with her husband and two cats.

3. "winter of the world" by Ken Follett

The winter of the world, is the second installment in the Century trilogy, following the fall of the first volume of the Giants. Berlin in 1933 is in turmoil. The 11-year-old Carla von Ulrich struggle to understand the tensions that are tearing apart his family while Hitler strengthens its grip on Germany. In this scenario make an appearance the formidable his mother Ethel's friend and his son Lloyd who immediately understand on his skin the brutal realities of Nazism. Lloyd also meets a group of Germans resolved to oppose Hitler, but are really determined to betray their country? These people are monitored closely by Volodya, a Russian with a bright future in the Red Army's intelligence.

The international conflict between military power and personal beliefs that follows will involve them all since moving from London to Pearl Harbour, from Dresden to Hiroshima. In Cambridge, Lloyd is irresistibly attracted to Daisy that represents everything his family left regrets. But Daisy is more interested in the amateur pilot Fitzhwrbert Aristocrat, a lover of parties and rising star of British fascist party. Meanwhile in Berlin, Carla loves from afar Werner, but nothing will be as you want because their lives and hopes for the future will be destroyed by the largest and cruel war in human history. As always happens with Ken Follett, the historical background is brilliantly designed and made, the action unfolds in fast moving, the characters are rich in nuances and emotions.

Ken Follett was born in Cardiff in 1949 and lives in London. He studied philosophy at University College London, worked as a journalist. His extraordinary career as a writer began in 1978, with the exploits of eye of the needle. A worldwide success came even later novels (all published by Mondadori): Triple, Rebecca, man of Petersburg, on wings of Eagles, a bed of lions, the pillars of the Earth, night on the water, A dangerous fortune, a place called freedom, the third twin, the hammer of Eden, code zero, jackdaws, the flight of the Bumblebee, white and world without end.

4. "The Book of Souls" by James Oswald

Full of suspense, pacing and restlessness, Oswald's thriller hits the mark. The first unmissable episode of a series that has terrified British readers. When the mystery is too obscure to find a rational explanation. In the basement of an ancient noble residence in the heart of Edinburgh is found the corpse of a girl, remained hidden for sixty years inside a crypt. In charge of the investigation, the Inspector McLean, free-spirited and headstrong, cannot imagine the scene that will face: a mangled body in a context that has the air of a ceremonial.

To police officials this cold case is certainly not a priority, but McLean is haunted by the gruesome ritual with which she was ill-treated the victim and fails to turn off. Meanwhile, Edinburgh is shocked by the brutal murder of an old banker, followed by a chain of other murders of men in sight: all rich and powerful. All gutted by the same bloody rite. Can it be just coincidences? What is the red thread that binds the murders between them? And what perverted mind can building a similar horror?

James Oswald lives on a farm in Scotland, where in his spare time is devoted to breeding. For twenty years he wrote only for passion, until one day he decided to autopubblicare on Amazon the first thriller in the series of Inspector McLean, The Book of Souls: within a few months the ebook has been downloaded by more than 350,000 readers. This incredible success attracted the attention of Penguin, with the highest bid has purchased the rights to the entire series, then sold in 12 countries. Besides The Book of Souls, also gained a sequel, The Book of Souls.

5. "The Chameleon's shadow" by Minette Walters

What came back from a mission in Iraq is a man apart. Only one survived the explosion of his armored, Lieutenant Charles Acland has deep wounds in the body, but mostly it's psychologically devastated. Destroyed by the fact of not being able to do anything for his teammates, upset with an army that no longer wants to know him, Acland escapes any human contact, from the parents to the one with the ex-girlfriend, the beautiful and delicate Jen, who had left on the eve of departure and now would like to renew the relationship.

Despite the contrary opinion of the psychiatrist of the military hospital, Acland refuses further seating and moved to live in London, alone, convinced that being able to face the fierce headaches and partial amnesia that left wounds. In his new home Charles stands out for his antisocial behavior, it is often the victim of violent attacks of anger and is immediately ready to Menara hands as the only solution. A profile that is well suited to that of a serial killer who is hitting for months, brutally killing people just looking for a bit of company. The police are increasingly convinced, particularly since Charles doesn't seem to want to do anything to defend himself ...

Minette Walters, born in 1949 in Hertfordshire, is considered one of the greatest authors of classic yellow, on the heels of Agatha Christie, P.D. James and Elizabeth George. After a journalistic past debuted in 1992 with The novel The Ice House, won the John Creasey award of the Crime Writers ' Association, prestigious award dedicated to works first. He cemented his success with the Edgar Allan Poe award and the Gold Dagger from the Crime Writers ' Association.