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Top 5 Countries Where Live For Less Than 500 A Month

Zak Ben - Saturday, April 12, 2014
The election results have left you dissatisfied? Are you also one of those who think that making your bags is the only solution? Far from wanting to do politics and want to comment on the outcome of the vote, here are some beautiful goals to be achieved in order to leave behind the United States distortions, to live with fewer than 350-400 euros per month around $500.
To this top five was OpenTravel, according to which there are places in the world where there are more than 500 dollars to get to the end of the month. The five goals are all between Asia and Central America. Here They Are.


Beaches, almost year-round sunshine, good food. With 350 euro around $500 per month you can have it all. It is the land of toys but the Thailand. Certainly, with that figure there may allow a mega-villa in Bangkok, the capital, but you can easily find a cheap accommodation in fascinating places like Chiang Mai, the capital of the homonymous province to the North of the country, where it is about $ 30 (21 €) per month for a small apartment. Closer to the coast, for a room in an apartment can cost about $ 90 (63 euros).

And to eat? You spend very little, especially if you cook at home. Fruit, vegetables and meat in local markets to remain well below the budget of 350-400 euro. But if you're too lazy to Cook, Thai food purchased in the stalls on the streets is to try: it ranges from spicy chicken with rice and noodles for around 0,70 €. Spent less than 200 euros for sleeping and eating, there are still many for everything else.


We're still in Southeast Asia. Thinking about Cambodian history, the bloodthirsty Pol Pot's regime and poverty, no one would dare to consider the country a paradise. However, despite not having the beaches and tourist attractions of neighbouring Thailand, the country still offers good opportunities, allowing you to live in the capital, Phnom Penh, with fewer than 350 euros. Housing prices here are about 142 euros per month, but you can always reduce this cost by sharing the apartment with someone.

Food prices are similar or lower than those of Thailand. Eat in local restaurants costs about 1.40 euros per meal and a beer just 70 cents. Figures that can be further reduced if you decide to try the street food stalls. All the rest can be spent visiting the country. Similar costs in neighboring countries, including Viet Nam and Laos.


Here is another exotic destination where life does not cost more than EUR 350 per month. As long as you move away from the capital Manila where rents start at 255 euro per month. But if you travel to Cebu, one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, you can find sandy beaches, golf courses and shops, living in an apartment from 106 euros per month. In other cities, such as Dumaguete City, you can easily rent a room for about 28 euros per month. The food is cheap. 200 dollars or 142 euro per month are sufficient to cover all expenses and whims.

Costa Rica

Only a couple of dollars-euros would be enough to survive in Costa Rica. The region is crossed by 12 different climatic zones, is rich in wildlife, but in General, the climate is tropical and warm and the natives (called Ticos) are very lively and friendly people. Prices in San Jose, the capital, are low. The cost of goods and services is among the lowest of all cities in the world. You can easily live with 350-425 euros per month if you share a house or apartment with your partner or a friend.

Obviously the more we turned away from San José, which is still inside, the lower the cost of housing. Approximately 100 km from the town you can rent a small or medium House for 177 euros per month. In restaurants you can have an excellent meal with dessert for around 3.50 euro 2.80 –. And if you buy food in local markets and street vendors, you spend even less. In general, prices in supermarkets are 30% higher than those of local markets.


The dream of a personal paradise at a bargain price may come true in Belize, considered one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. Has it all: beautiful beaches, subtropical climate and wildlife. The country's official language is English, which makes things easier. The country is also a paradise for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

The Belize Barrier Reef offers 127 Islands where you can find still intact marine ecosystems. The costs of living are similar to those of Costa Rica. For a large house in Cayo District, an hour's drive from Belize City, will cost 210 euros per month and if you share the House with two other friends is only 70. The groceries are cheap if bought locally.