Top Best Viral Videos April 2014 YouTube #Week

Attention Friends, unbelievable: Today we are going to show you one of the funniest videos of all time whose protagonists are our animal friends! In addition to being sweet, they can in fact become truly unbearable, and some of you probably already know something: in this video, as you can see, keeping them at bay is not easy, either individually! That's why always to be treated well, this is one of the reasons, if they rebel and turn against you, they can be really dangerous! From the blade that predictably spits in the face of a boy, and then continue with the goat that loads a motorcycle driving down the middle of the two that were above, not to mention the cat knocks the Christmas tree or all the mischief that can be found to make the monkeys, both people and the animals themselves! Without a doubt, it is the monkeys the most difficult to manage, but was to be expected!

Animals can be so annoying - Funny animal compilation

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