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+100 Short Hairstyles 2014 Women And Girl Gallery

Zak Ben - Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Short hair cuts summer 2014: the trends for a sharp look. The warm season is upon us and it is the perfect time to give it a rest. Smooth or curly head of hair does not matter, what matters is that the hair is short, but what are the trends of summer 2014? We reveal all the beauty look with a confident style of which you can not do without.

To cut or not to cut, that is the question that haunts many women, especially those who have a good and long flowing hair. Yet, in recent times, the short hair is trendy and there is no better time to show off a short haircut and gritty if not the summer. On the beach and in the city, short haircuts straight or curly hair is easier to manage: it takes little to dry so less time to spend to put them into the fold and stow them away. Practicality aside, from streetstyle from the catwalks and the password is short, then it is time to find out what the cuts trend of 2014.

The look asymmetrical is one short hair cuts for round face, so why not try it? Will he be able to lighten the face and focus more on the look, especially if you opt for a fringe or a soft tuft to bring the line to the side. pageboy The short bob style is rather ideal for those with oval face shape and elongated, why will soften the natural contour. This hairstyle can be revisited version choppy , or realized, apparently, in the case with the irregular points to Joan of Arc.
The short wavy hairstyle can be a bob longer in the front, with tufts on the sides of the face. In this way hairstyle quick and very cool, especially if you opt for a style degradé be realized with the techniques of bleaching hair. Remember the pixie haircut ? Was highly fashionable in the 60s, it was very short and with bangs just mentioned. This hairstyle is perfect for summer, 2014, ideal for anyone who has the angular face and for those looking for an aggressive look, firm and secure. Although there are many women who adore him, the pixie has something masculine, this has been defined, in its many variations, boyish cut , you can see that, along with all the other hair style trend for summer 2014 in our photo gallery.

Cutting men's hair Style for Women or Girl

Short hair are a must for the summer 2014. The hot season is the right time to give it a rest, whether you have the smooth hair is curly. However, what you need to decide is how to cut your hair and in this gallery you will find many interesting ideas to be fashionable and cool during the summer of 2014. Which are the short cuts that are all the rage? The short bob with fringe or tuft, but better yet symmetrical asymmetrical short cut and the men like what you see here next, which often pushes the pixie cut. Discover in this gallery all hairstyles trends for summer 2014.

+100 Best Short hair cuts summer 2014 Women Photos Gallery

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