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50 Countries For Freedom of the Press 2014 The ranking of Reporters Without Borders

Zak Ben - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Press Freedom Index is an annual ranking published by Reporters Without Borders (RWB), or Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) on the basis of an evaluation carried out within the organization on the data recorded in the previous year, relating to freedom printing of different countries. The ranking reflects the degree of freedom that journalists and news agencies, and 'netizens' (or Cybercitizen) enjoy in any country in the world, and the efforts made by governmental authorities to respect, and ensure respect for this freedom.

The World Press Freedom Index prepared for 2014 highlights the negative impact of armed conflict , when in place on the world stage (eg the Syrian) on freedom of information and its protagonists. "The position of some countries in the standings is sometimes - he adds RWB - the result of the tendency to interpret the needs of national security in an overly broad and abusive, to the detriment of the right to inforare and to be informed. " A second trend that the organization "is a growing global threat" and that does not even spare the countries' democracies considered "consolidated. This is the case of the United States (46th position) , which recorded a drop in ranking of 13 positions this year, in the face of increasing efforts to track down the informants and to contain leaks.

Finland confirms the apex of the rankings for the fourth consecutive year , followed closely by the Netherlands and Norway , which confirm their positions in 2013. At the other end of the ranking, the last three positions are still held by Turkmenista, Korea North and Eritrea , "in which the three countries" - according to RWB - "freedom of information is non-existent" . Despite the occasional turbulence exploded over the past year, these countries continue to be "the blacks holes" of information , and the "inferior on earth" for journalists who live there.

The index this year includes 180 countries , one more than last year. In the new entry , Belize, has been assigned an enviable position (29th) . Cases of violence against journalists are rare in this country, although there have recently been of problems : a lawsuit that involves the application of a large amount of damage, national security restrictions on the implementation of the "Freedom of Information Act" is currently in place, and sometimes there have been cases of unfair management of the airwaves.

50 Countries For Freedom of the Press 2014 The ranking of Reporters Without Borders