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5 Biggest Robberies In History Ever Made

Zak Ben - Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Heath ledger "Joker" from dark knight rises seems an amateur compared to these heavyweights of the robberies, sometimes the stories are muche less adventurous and romantic as those experienced by the French thief but the results leave you speechless. 

So what are the top 5 biggest robbery in history? A note before we start our top list: the values of the robberies have been restated to  take into account inflation.

5. Robbery deposit boxes clad in Knightsbridge  $ 198 million

What has long been considered the heist of the century was accomplished by Valerio Viccei in 1986 with an accomplice went into a store in Knightsbridge armored boxes with the excuse to rent a safe deposit box; after locking the staff cleaned out several safes for a reported value (given the nature of the safety deposit boxes was never clarified if the amount is greater) of about 60 million pounds, equivalent to about $ 198 million today.

4. The bank robbery in Baghdad $ 311 million

In 2007, three guards steal approximately $ 287 million and vanish into thin air; the money has never been recovered and no one was ever arrested for this crime.

3. Robbery at the Boston Museum - 519 million dollars

Two men dressed as police officers did open the door of the museum guards in 1990 and after being immobilized calmly chose 12 paintings with an estimated value of $ 300 million (the value shown on our website only considers the adjustment of 'inflation given the enormous increase in prices in recent years that had the field of art the present value would be much higher). 

The paintings were never recovered and today the robbery at the Boston Museum is the largest art heist in history by a single band.

2. Robbery bearer bonds - $ 930 million

The second biggest robbery in the history is incredible for the value but above all for the way in which it took place.

In 1990 in London courier is robbed of a briefcase he was carrying by a man armed with a knife: the contents of the briefcase was 291 bearer bonds worth about 292 million pounds.

 1. Robbery at the Central Bank of Iraq - $ 1.24 billion

On March 18, 2003, one day before the bombing began, Saddam Hussein sent his son Qusay to the central bank in Baghdad with a handwritten note in which he ordered to hand over $ 1 billion. "Only" $ 650 million were later recovered.