5 Best Hotel 7 Star For Luxury Holidays

For the lucky ones living in luxury is the order of the day. The whimsical desires of billionaires always manage to amaze. For this reason, contractors and architects have designed hotel da mille e una notte. If the classic five-star bore the magnates, these hotels to seven stars will be able to meet their claims.

The unlimited comfort and services able to realize your needs are the main features of these wonderful hotels. Luxury car hire, helicopterflight, relax in the private beaches and have a personal Butler: are some opportunities available during your stay. The only barrier to pass may be the availability of money, but for the likes of Bill Gates, anything is possible. Here is the ranking of the five seven-star Hotel!

The Top 5 Best Hotel 7 Star For Luxury Holidays 

5. Emirates Palace - Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace is one of the seven-star hotel luxury. For its construction were employed 3.9 billion dollars. Money well spent judging from opinions of visitors. The hotel is located on a private beach in Abu Dhabi and is surrounded by miles of beautiful gardens. Many of the suites are decorated in marble and gold. Some of the rooms are luxurious enough to be reserved for royalty and sheiks. Among the various facilities available you can relax in private beaches, swim in pools marvellous, and play tennis or football. The Spa also offers its customers private masseurs. To fulfill the dream of staying just one night in this hotel, you will need $ 12 per night.

4. Square Hotel & Mall-Orlando

This wonderful hotel has not yet been made, but no later than 2017 will be available a new seven-star hotel in Orlando, Florida. The project foresees 1,257 rooms equipped with luxury. The building, which cost $ 400 million, consists of two towers, an observation deck, restaurants and even a skating rink. The Blackmine group, the developer of the project, wanted to design the hotel in order to make the guest feel like a celebrity.

3. Pangu Plaza (Plaza Morgan) – Beijing

The Pangu Plaza or Morgan Plaza, is a seven-star hotel located in Beijing. Hosted big tycoons like Bill Gates. Has two halls and a temple. Inside are the most sought-after restaurants in the world. Luxury is the watchword of the hotel. The hall is furnished with marble columns and wooden sculptures signed by artist Henry Moore. The suites speechless, ornate silk walls and every comfort available, make your stay magical. All rooms are equipped with the traditional Chinese decor. Pangu Plaza apartments can be rented for $ 800 per year.

2. Dubai - Pentominium

Although the Pentominium building is locked for lack of finances, the impressive building is proposed as one of the most expensive in the world. When the structure is finally completed, will enter the ranks of the highest residential buildings in the world with an elevation of 1,693 metres. The building is located in the coast of Dubai. Although the Pentominium is known as residential building, residents will be treated as hotel guests. Every kind of luxury required will be satisfied. Residents are provided with a personal butler service, use of luxury vehicles and can participate in boating. Residents can also make use of the indoor swimming pool with views of the coast and enjoy a drink in one of the bars in the building. The main idea of the project is to make residents as perpetually on vacation.

1. Burj Al Arab Hotel - Dubai

Dubai is the ideal location to discover the unbridled luxury. The magnificent hotel sits on in ' artificial island connected to the Mainland by a private bridge. The structure of the building is reminiscent of a ship's sail. 202 double suites and offers the Royal Suite is available from $ 18,716 per night. During your stay you can enjoy the delicacies in one of two restaurants, enjoy a rest day at the Spa, book a room service with private Butler, take a helicopter trip and admire the landscape from above, and rent a car from dream. In Dubai the luxury is never enough and the magnates guests pose no brakes to their demands.
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