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Best 15 Funny Pictures Dogs Taken At The Right Time

Zak Ben - Saturday, August 30, 2014
Here you are a fantastic photo gallery in which the protagonist is man's best friend: the dog! Enjoy it until the end, enjoy!

Here you are the funny pictures of dogs that seem to have been taken just at the right time! allegheremo To these fantastic curiosity that each of you will be happy to know: did you know that the dog lifts his leg to pee to mark their territory ... ? Raising his paw, the urine is sprayed up the nose, and this favors the reporting of the territory, because by doing so the other dogs who will pass will know who has gone before and scored their points! Other times you will have seen the dogs hide the food, and this is common to all the wild animals: so do the wolves, hiding part of the prey that they can not finish, leaving it for the next time! Enjoy now the photos we have collected:

Which of the many amazing pictures proposals struck you the most? now continue offering you other curiosities keeping in theme : how many times you've seen the dogs as well as cats eat grass? Well, if you're scared in the past at least once to this strange habit, you should not do it, because in reality if you do not notice particular disorders after your dogs eat grass, do not worry at all. Finally, you have seen many times your pet scratching the ground with their feet: in this case, the dogs do it to mark their territory, thanks to the signs left by the sweat glands located under their feet! Really amazing, is not it?