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5 Best App for writing on photos Editing Pictures To Download

Zak Ben - Thursday, September 04, 2014

Before Instagram , and more generally of the social network, a picture was just a picture: the album is held or, in more recent times, inside the cell and showed to friends during dinner with friends. Unless you were professional photographers, it is not shared with strangers and especially not without also showed us present there, ready to explain the history and significance. Then came the social and everything is quickly changed the picture began to travel around the world without their author and also there alongside the caption that the photographer himself wrote on Facebook or elsewhere, often in danger of being lost in the repeated shares. From here it was necessary to be able to write directly on the photo, so that did not lead to the loss of resharing message to the picture you want to attach: the meme , if you think about it, they found their luck in this and in ease - thanks to special web app - in achieving them. On mobile devices, there are dozens of applications that allow you to engrave inscriptions on their photographs, in a more or less simple and catchy. We have analyzed a long line to try to spot the five that, at present, are in our view the most interesting, flexible and therefore worthy of being recommended: here they are, with all their main characteristics.

Over / Overgram
Font style and examples on Instagram
Following the mere alphabetical order start from Over and Overgram two twin app - the first payment and the second free - designed for iOs and Android by some guys specialize in creative mobile Cape Town, South Africa. The application is quite simple, but very effective: select a photo, allows you to apply ourselves above an inscription choosing fonts (including there are very special and interesting, but a larger number is present in the paid version and other packages can be buy separately), small graphic signs such as arrows, designs and embellishments, and then the proportion of all in the desired size, so you always get a result back to every photograph; from within the app you can then finally send out the result of their efforts on various social media, from Facebook to Twitter, from Pinterest to Instagram, which is perhaps the most natural destination of these photos (and in this regard, if you want get an idea of the potential of the software we advise you to take a ride on his  official account ). The main difference between the two versions of the program, apart from the number of fonts and effects available, is the presence of a watermark that is applied to photos in Overgram; In addition, in the paid version, you can not only buy new fonts, but also upload their own free, so you have the original effects that differ from those of other users. Last point in its favor: the cost is very low, given that both the app itself that its add-on packages only cost € 0.89 for iPhone and iPad, and the Android version is a bit 'more expensive and currently costs € 1.51.

On Path
Writing on a path decided by the user
As we shall see in the course of this article, some of the apps we have chosen to present are broadly similar effects, because the basic idea of this software is pretty simple and only consists in placing a beautiful string of text above a photograph; would seem that, once achieved the basic idea, we can differentiate only on the basis of font made ​​available and in their ability to change. Instead kinds of Petavision - a software house in Seoul, South Korea, specializing in applications related to photography (its also Gridplay, Clone Camera Pro, Retromatic 2.0 and doodly) - seem to have had an idea really interesting and new: the to be able to wrap text on a photograph along lines and odd shapes drawn by the user. Available only for iPhone and iPad to 1.79 €, the application allows as in other apps to choose the font, its size, the color, but also to apply a drop shadow and a particular spacing between letters; the most particular thing though is that with its written you can follow the outline of a body, a cup of coffee, a spiral, the hair of a person, a car or anything else our imagination - and our photographic talent - to make available. In practice, it is to bring the function of Photoshop paths within your phone or tablet, applying it to the text, with amazing effects in relation to the ease of use and with a good variety of visualizations already available, of particular note also the Mix Font function that allows you to create a new type of font by mixing five on their device.

400 font you want to have as
Again is available on iOs devices that Android is instead Phonto , developed in Japan by Mudaimemo, responsible for a number of other applications related to photography and text (but in this case only for iPhone) as TextMask, ClipCrop, Instant110, Monochromia , SkipBleach and Vont, the latter a direct emanation of their Phonto with the peculiarity of being able to write on the video. As for the app to write on the photos, it is available in a free version with advertising, but advertising can be removed at a cost of € 0.89; There are more than 400 fonts, often of excellent workmanship and well varied between them, and it is still possible to install new ones, while, once written and decided font, you can still work on the text, changing the color, gradient, contour , background, shading, rotation, spacing, and is also allowed to create written with pictures, that color the letters with his own image and implanting on a monochrome background. Finally, you can also add small drawings and decorations already put in place and, as in any application of this type, you are ready to export its products on various social network, Instagram in the first place - and in fact just about Instagram is the official account of 'application , where you can see various writing sample (without the background photo, to make them stand out better) made ​​with the app. Through in-app purchases are finally available add-on packages for both photographic filters for both decorative elements.

When the app is written by the creators of fonts
So far we have seen all applications developed by programmers with previous experience in the field of photo software, that at some point they realized that the new frontier in photo sharing was accompanied by written; is clear, therefore, that these initial applications have been designed at least in origin with a keen eye for composition and balance of the image, and font that sometimes repeated between one application and another, with little variety. Photolettering However, from a point of view completely different, since this is an app only for iPhone realized by expert creators font. The House Industries is in fact a company of Delaware among the most famous in the field of typographic design, specializing in designing characters excellent and also sell them in printed or imprinted items such as mugs, t-shirts and various merchandising; building on its success and its follow-up, some time ago, the company has decided to make available some of these fonts for a webapp that has since evolved into real application for iOS, with some offering free fonts included but you can further customize by purchasing specific packages to 0.89 € and the whole set of 26 font groups (to which they are added periodically others) to € 8.99. With typefaces designed specifically for this purpose - which is easy to customize working on color, orientation and size - the results are often excellent, as you can see from the photos below, and the app deserves to be proven.

Much more than a software to write on photos
We conclude with an application this is the App Store of Apple , both on Google Play , is finally on the store of Windows Phone : PicLab , created by Robert Nickson, a young American programmer in the area of Washington. The app is initially free - but requires the purchase of some options in-app to remove the watermark, which is stamped on the photo and to enable all the functions - and not only allows you to add text, as do all the other software that we have seen so far, but also to work with various options on the photographs themselves, adding overlay of textures, the patterns, the effects of light and anything else that greatly enhance certain shots, then you can obviously change over contrast, exposure, saturation, and whatever. With regard to typography, there are already the fonts included in the package but may be purchased at € 0.89, with various choices on which you can then work rotating, growing, shrinking, applying several layers, using shadows and by varying the opacity of the text to your liking. In addition, you can also draw by hand directly on the picture, for example, to give some indication fast, or you can apply one of the twenty filters already in place within the application.